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big chainring 03-21-14 07:18 AM

Locked up - simple fatigue or???
Second ride of the year yesterday. Bike felt great, I felt great. Did a little over 20 miles. I felt fine until the 15 mile mark and then my body just seemed to lock up. My shoulders, and neck, my legs, all seemed to be stiff. I could pedal on but was like a metronome. Steady slow pace and just nothing left in my legs.

So is this just early season fatigue? Or am I lacking something like potassium?
I had the same thing last year at the end if greater distance rides. Do I just need a sugar boost? Any thoughts?

OldsCOOL 03-21-14 08:10 AM

Early season without a doubt.

CommuteCommando 03-21-14 08:22 AM

On longer rides my neck muscles start to protest. Holding my fat head up can be real work, especially since I ride a drop bar bike. Even riding in the drops my back is fine. I fact it feels better for the back. The downside it that you work harder holding your head up.

Dudelsack 03-21-14 08:34 AM

We're used to slapping around big numbers here, but 20 miles is not really a trivial distance.

Phil_gretz 03-21-14 09:18 AM

It's hard to pinpoint from what you've said, but maybe just restrict your next few rides to 10 miles or so. Try to stretch and keep the neck, shoulders and arms relaxed as you ride. It's hard to imagine that your body had a serious glycogen deficit after only an hour on the bike. Potassium, not likely. Your diet likely provides the things that you need.

Start slowly and you'll be back in the swing in no time.

bruce19 03-21-14 10:15 AM


Originally Posted by OldsCOOL (Post 16597975)
Early season without a doubt.

That's my guess as well. I'd just get off the bike and do some yoga stretches for a few minutes. If you get back on and feel better......whomp there it is.

OldsCOOL 03-21-14 10:45 AM


Originally Posted by bruce19 (Post 16598378)
That's my guess as well. I'd just get off the bike and do some yoga stretches for a few minutes. If you get back on and feel better......whomp there it is.

Whomp :lol:

NOS88 03-21-14 10:47 AM

Agree with others that it's most likely early season.... but if it continues get to a physician. There are other things that could cause what you experienced.

big chainring 03-21-14 10:48 AM

So you're telling me I'm out of shape. Yeah, I can tell I am. I just want to continue riding but my body says no. Well, I'll take it easy today and do a shorter ride. See how I feel. I used to live right across the street from an MUP. I did short 15 mile jaunts after work in the evenings. That was a great way to get conditioned, no traffic and I could ride into the evening without worry of being seen because of nightfall.. So maybe just cut back the mileage for the next few rides. See how it goes.

rumrunn6 03-21-14 11:28 AM

cycling is a sport where my body stays in a set position for a long time. so many other sports allow for a variety of body positions and movements. even though I stay active through the winter I know that my 1st rides are gonna be a challenge

big chainring 03-21-14 05:21 PM

Locked up - simple fatigue or???
I rode today. Did a good 18 miles. Felt ok. I took a couple breaks. One long one on the way home. Dang wind off Lake Michigan is COLD. The water temp is 35 degrees. We get a southeast wind like today or northeast wind and its brutal. Saw guys riding in shorts today. They had to be freezing.

qcpmsame 03-21-14 06:50 PM

Good that it wasn't worse this early in the season probably. With the temps up in your area and the layoffs it a surprise that we aren't reading more threads like this. As long as you didn't experience pain with the "Body Bonk", for lack of anything else to call it, I'd agree with the others. NOS said it best though, if it happens again see your doctor. No sense in losing a year over something you could have taken care of early on.


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