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metalheart44 03-21-14 08:58 AM

Bounching (Back?)
So, take this is a rant or vent or simple expression of frustration. Last year was decent riding for me with little time off the bike because of health or injury issues. This year has started with a number of frustrations. In early January my arthritic knees were acting up and I gave myself some rest time, did a restart and sill had pain so went for the cortisone shot rather than the knee replacement. Another restart and things were feeling ok and started to get some miles in. Then I injured the connective parts in my right knee doing some too aggressive exercises (an attempt to do some muscle balancing) and it hurt to put any weight on the front of the knee. So, I back off riding, but do some flat rides, keep doing ice and heat, do some more easy rides, and then things start to feel better.

Did another restart this week, then this past Wednesday, I planned to do a longer more hilly ride to rebuild. I get to a park that is my starting point, get ready to go, and two cars are blocking the exit so I decide to head onto the sidewalk to get out of the park. It is a slight uphill grade and I was in too big a gear and a mom chasing her runaway kid bolts out in front of my. I unclip on the right, but down I go in a slow speed crash. My elbow his the ground and takes the brunt of the fall, but unfortunately the elbow also digs into my ribs. I take blood thinners (plavix) so the small laceration on my elbow is gushing blood and the mom almost faints from the the blood pooling on the ground. The kid runs away , the mom apologizes. I do my best Jens Voight imitation, get back on the bike, wash the blood off with a squirt from the water bottle, and then pedal on.

I make the first hill, then about 20 miles into the ride, i start to feel a little nausea and decide to cut the ride short. It was a slow 12 miles back to the park with a couple of short climbs and taking deep breathes was uncomfortable. I get home and now my ribs really hurt, so I put some ice on the sore spot. Yesterday and this morning it only hurts when I laugh, cough, breathe deep or fart. So, I am going to keep icing it and do another restart of my riding year on Sunday.

Sometimes bouncing back is tiresome and the need is just to get on with riding But part of this aging stuff is just bouncing back until you don't bounce anymore. :)

Ursa Minor 03-21-14 09:25 AM

I'm sorry to hear about your troubles. Good luck.


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