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bruce19 03-21-14 10:13 AM

A quick tire question
Last year I went from 700/23 to 700/25 tires and like them a lot. Tomorrow my gf and I are going out for an hour or two just to get some early season miles. LSD of course. She's riding 700/23s and I want to put some 25s on her bike for the ride. Problem is I only have one 25 here. Can I put that 25 on her rear wheel and leave a 23 on the front with no ill effects? I'm guessing I can but have never done it and thought I'd seek out some 50+ wisdom. FWIW I have some Vittoria 25s coming from Competitive Cyclist but not 'til next week. TIA

DiabloScott 03-21-14 10:21 AM

Of course, proceed with zero doubt, everything will be fine.

bruce19 03-21-14 10:36 AM


NOS88 03-21-14 10:49 AM

I actually run one of my bikes that way. It gets used for shopping and when the bags in the rear are full, there's lots of additional weight on the rear wheel. Never had an issue doing this.

rm -rf 03-21-14 04:01 PM

Are you trying to get a smoother, but still efficient ride?

The usual method is to put 10 psi less pressure in the front than the back (with both tires the same size). With the 25c in the back and 23c in front, use about the same lower pressure in both.

At 170 lbs, I use 90-95 front, 105-110 rear in 23c. And 85-90 front, 100-105 rear in 25c, and could probably lower the front to 80.
A lightweight rider could start with 85 in the front 23c, and 95 in the rear 25c.

I started using GP4000 25c tires last year. They are still fast, but better on the rough roads than the same tires in 23c.

zonatandem 03-21-14 05:05 PM


qcpmsame 03-21-14 07:01 PM

Sure you can do that one, Bruce, Continental even sells a model that' s sized that way. shouldn't be a problem. The switch to 25 is one of the best moves I have done in a while.


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