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Sasquatch16 03-21-14 07:16 PM

Rider Number
Doing ride tomorrow where they gave me a number that is required to be worn on back of jersey. It is about 6"square made out of tyvek material. Stupid question. Do you pin it on, tape it or some other way. Pinning seems like best way but could be uncomfortable. Never had to do this before.

revchuck 03-21-14 07:25 PM

Pin it on, using safety pins. I'd use six, three each on the top and bottom. It helps to wrap your jersey around a pillow so it resembles your back. It's most visible when you pin it across the jersey pockets - just be sure not to pin the pockets closed. :) Also, if it has holes in each corner, don't use them; stick the pins through the number going in and coming out.

JerrySTL 03-21-14 07:26 PM

Pin it on. There are some fancy spray glues, but pins work for me.

I usually two pins on the top of the pockets on the back on the jersey. I'm careful not to pin the pockets shut. The other two pins go near the bottom of the jersey.

qcpmsame 03-21-14 07:47 PM

+1, safety pins are the way to go. It won't be any bother at all, I never even feel them when I have one attached to a cycling jersey or a running singlet.

Good luck with your event, too.


BluesDawg 03-21-14 08:40 PM

Most rides I've done that choose to inflict these nuisances on riders include the safety pins for you to pin them on. Usually they have them because Rider I.D. provided them along with discount coupons. I always refuse them when offered to rides I produce. I despise wearing them as they are a pain to put on and if you don't get them just right, they flap in the wind. Wrist bands are much less intrusive.

Sasquatch16 03-22-14 03:11 AM

As suggested I will pin it. This ride almost seems to be over managed. Along with the number to pin on they also give wristbands. Thanks for info.

nkfrench 03-22-14 11:11 AM

The numbers encourage riders to register and pay for goods & services (rest/food stops, post-ride meal, SAG support, traffic control) received during the event.
Sometimes they help event photogs match riders to photos.

There may be requirements where the number must be worn (eg: races); sometimes it's fine to just zip-tie them onto the bicycle handlebars.
The numbers generally are not annoying to the rider when safety-pinned to the jersey pockets.
Some people attach them to a running belt that can go over a jacket only worn part of the ride.

Some people keep the numbers as souveniers just like some skiers keep lift tickets. Ever seen the jackets made out of recycled TyVek numbers? Fun.

Terex 03-22-14 07:31 PM

5 safety pins. One at each corner, and one in the middle. Helps the automated cameras identify you when you run red lights.

leob1 03-22-14 08:57 PM


Originally Posted by Sasquatch16 (Post 16600489)
As suggested I will pin it. This ride almost seems to be over managed. Along with the number to pin on they also give wristbands. Thanks for info.

The reason for both is that the number on the jersey can be lost in a crash, the wrist band is much more difficult to lose so they can identify you(as long as it has a number on it).
The exception is when the adhesive on the wrist band being too weak, so they litter the course. This happened to me on a ride last year. The problem came at the end of the ride, the wrist band was supposed to be used to get food and at the bike valet. It was a pain to keep turning around so they could see the number on my back.

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