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Terex 05-08-14 07:57 AM


Originally Posted by tcs (Post 16739582)
In an article about possible improvements to helmet design (and who's not for that?), they throw in some numbers without linking them in any way to current helmet use, designs or performance. That's poor writing, poor editing or journalistic sensationalism.

Then you'll want to retire your POC in a couple of months when the 6D ATB-1 becomes available. Price not yet announced, but I'm expecting it'll be in the $700~$800 range.

The point I, and the Outside article was trying to make is that there is no effective protection from head injury in many situations other than avoiding the activity, or modifying your activity. After two significant concussions I've modified my riding activity (use bigger tires and buy what may be a more protective helmet) and avoiding the activity (a 90-95% drop in miles I ride).

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