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Shamrock 04-21-14 06:08 PM

A day at the races
Saturday we raced around a lake 20 miles,Lake Hopactong for you jersey guys?It's billed as a rolling hills beautiful views race.At the first and second hill all you heard was gears downshifting and I can't do this. Bikes were turned upside down adjusting gears and stuff.( Who brings a bike not tuned up to a race?)But we did do it!The heart was pounding ready to explode and the lungs were sucking air like a race horse.My trick knee held up legs felt good but a new soreness I encountered my arms were sore from pulling so much on the handle bars.

Halfway I found my self riding by myself?No one in front ,no one in back.I think this tends to slow one I wonder if I'm on the route.The mind starts playing with you.i catch up to someone ,anyone!Yea ! off I go.He is a young dude and speeds up when I get close?I don't think he gets we could ride together and perform better.So we play cat and mouse for the rest of the race.At the end he wins at the finish I tried to talk to him,nice race buddy ! but he just looked the other way.What a JERK! Anyway I placed 19 out of 30 the kid ahead of me was 22yrs old so I don't feel so bad at 60.Im probably older than his father.
Oh yea it's a coed race but the results are male-female.I must admit some of the girls were fast.H0w is your season going?

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