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wobblyoldgeezer 04-26-14 11:57 AM

This one tomorrow - a bit ambitious?
I'm enjoying the Brighton cycling rides from the velo cafe outside our new apartment.

Tomorrows is a bit keener than the ones I've done before - stated as level 4 out of 5 - not long, but pacey

Hey, might as well try!

Velo > Lewes > Plumpton > Pyecombe > Velo - A bike ride in Brighton, England

Dudelsack 04-26-14 01:22 PM

Heck, I'd do it, but I don't have an ounce of common sense to my name.

OldsCOOL 04-26-14 03:11 PM

Why not? Crank on it!

Grishnak 04-27-14 01:13 AM

Which bike are you using?,any on your list seem fine:thumb:

CrankyFranky 04-27-14 09:43 PM

Did you have a go at it?

qcpmsame 04-28-14 05:20 AM

How's about a report on the ride Wog, isn't that near Stapfam's riding area, I believe he is a bit northwest of there, though.


wobblyoldgeezer 04-28-14 09:04 AM


Originally Posted by CrankyFranky (Post 16707870)
Did you have a go at it?

No, I'm afraid it was a wash-out. Rainstormy morning, windy and pouring down. Only 3 turned up at the start point, and it wasn't even a decision to quit, it was obvious.

Next time!

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