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Yankeetowner 04-29-14 10:25 AM

First 90+ degree ride of the year...
Do you have a maximum temperature for your bike rides, and if so, what is it? Yesterday afternoon I was driving to my normal 25 mile training ride on the West Orange Trail here in Orlando. My wife called to say that her car's temperature gauge read 93 degrees...looking at mine, it was the same. I ride all summer, so I am used to it...but I sure was enjoying the 70's and low 80's the last few months. That being said, I'll take the 90's over the 50's and low 60's anytime. The older I get...the colder I get.

Daspydyr 04-29-14 10:32 AM

The Las Vegas Valley hit the mid 90s a couple weeks back. Heat slows me down. I can dress for cold, but the neighbors get pissy if I undress too much for the heat! :lol:

fortunately last week was back in the 70's. That is where I wish I could live, in the 1970s in 70 degree heat!

Wildwood 04-29-14 10:44 AM


Originally Posted by Daspydyr (Post 16712288)
That is where I wish I could live, in the 1970s in 70 degree heat!

You are forgetting the gas lines from the 70s, and Watergate and a president who had to tell us, "I am not a crook"
I think Seattle may get to 70 today. Maybe 80 tomorrow. In 8 years, I've never had to think about the max temp limitation of riding.

The heat/humidity got me in St. Louis previously. Just send me back to coastal California for ideal biking weather - Santa Cruz would be best.

Looigi 04-29-14 10:49 AM

Depends on the humidity, and what I've adapted to. 90 in the high desert was common and no problemo. 90 in the Midwest or East can be unbearable.

MileHighMark 04-29-14 10:57 AM

I've commuted in 95-100f weather, but it's always a dry heat (here in Colorado). I simply adjust my pace, drink lots, and try to keep moving (you really notice the heat the moment you stop).

John E 04-29-14 01:01 PM

I don't mind heat if the temperature drops at night, as in most high desert areas. Unrelenting heat w/ no break at night is what gets to me.

VegasTriker 04-29-14 01:15 PM

I'll take unrelenting heat over unrelenting humidity any day. I visited southern Wisconsin and northern Illinois a few years ago at a time the daytime temperature soared to over 100 degrees with 90+% humidity. Average daytime temperatures at home were about 105 F and overnight lows probably about 90 degrees. It was insufferable. I had gone there for a break and certainly didn't find it. It was a lot more comfortable to ride here in the early part of the day that to ride there any time after early morning. This weekend is supposed to be in the low 90s but I am looking forward to a 25 mile ride with friends on Sunday. No big deal.

fietsbob 04-29-14 01:30 PM


Do you have a maximum temperature for your bike rides, and if so, what is it?
My location was chosen because it has the right temperature range ..

My bike tours were in this latitude of northern Europe too 45 degrees north or higher ..

Daspydyr 04-29-14 02:41 PM


Originally Posted by Wildwood (Post 16712350)
and a president who had to tell us, "I am not a crook"

Just send me back to coastal California for ideal biking weather - Santa Cruz would be best.

Seems we hear that a lot these days!

Ah yes, coastal Caly! We go there for our days off, but don't want to pay the taxes to live there.

travelerman 04-29-14 03:36 PM

I wish I were having the 90 degree problem... I got back into cycling during the unusually warm winters of 2011 and 2012, and the actual winter we had in the Ozarks this past year threw off my training to the degree that I over-did it when ride-able weather finally returned.

I will ride into the upper-90's, but take great care with hydration and resting. My first metric century was attempted during a humid Ozarks August with temp in the 90's, and I damn near didn't make it home when I ran out of fluids and it felt like my limbs were falling apart at the joints. A cool park museum and water fountain 3 miles from my house saved me from having to make the call-of-shame, and I learned that lesson very well.

I am definitely becoming a warm-weather fan as I get more into cycling - it feels better, and the added bonus of fewer clothes to launder is appreciated.

dannwilliams 04-29-14 03:50 PM


Originally Posted by MileHighMark (Post 16712391)
(you really notice the heat the moment you stop).


Wileyrat 04-29-14 05:01 PM

Like the poster above I work outside here in Tucson (telcom tech), so I might be a bit more acclimated to the heat than most. I'm pretty good up to the high 90's for an after work 20-25 mile ride, but it'll be flat at those temps. I'll save the hillier and longer rides for an early morning weekend ride.

Humidity makes a difference too. It's dry now so I don't mind the heat, but later on this summer we'll have our rainy season and the humidity will ramp up, and I tend to suffer when that happens. When it's the most humid is when we get our thunderstorms, and then I spend a lot more time on the spinning bike.

Generally past 100, all I want to do after work is go home and jump in the pool.

Popeyecahn 04-29-14 05:34 PM

90+ today and 5-7% humidity. Oh yeah very windy as well. When it's hot it's hot and low humidity+wind mean one thing around here: Fire warnings.

zonatandem 04-29-14 10:44 PM

Also from Tucson . . .
Been here for 36 years and commuted to work year round, with many days at 100 to 110; warmest I've commuted by bike in midafternoon was 117 with 2% humidity..
Do-able . . . but no fun. Wet my cycling cap, wet my bandana and let 10 PSI of air out of my bike tires. Hat and bandana were bone dry within minutes. Pavement was like around 140 degrees.
Worked outside as mail carrier and it was warmer in the vehicle (no air) than the 100+ degrees stepping out of the truck!
Retired now and enjoying our summers somewhere 'up north'!

Jseis 04-29-14 10:50 PM

Up here on coastal PNW the temps got up near 80 today (compared with 53 the day before). Went for an evening ride in a jersey & bike shorts & felt like July. Supposed to be warmer tomorrow.

MikeD1 04-30-14 06:26 AM

Spending my first winter in Clearwater FL after a life in Wisconsin: It can get as hot as it wants and I'm okay with that! Sunday 2 hr ride w/ a friend was about 87 and humid and felt great. In general heat and biking go together for me. Now, I am a little intimidated about going out for a run in 88+ later today . . . going to try to find a route w/ as much shade as possible:)

rydabent 04-30-14 07:06 AM

I hate cold weather, and that means anything below 65. OTOH I really dont have an upper limit. I just drink more water.

PaulH 04-30-14 07:13 AM

No upper limit; no lower limit. Unlike cars, bikes neither overheat nor fail to start.

Pamestique 04-30-14 11:51 AM

We are having Santa Ana Winds right now and near the beach yesterday it was 95... today suppose to be closer to 100. No matter how dry, I don't like to ride in heat. Did a short ride this am early, before it got too hot.

Give me cool weather (I prefer around 50 degrees) anytime. Heat is not my friend! add strong winds and no thank you - will find something else to do.

az_cyclist 04-30-14 12:48 PM

105 would be the max, and definitely the effort is limited for any ride where the temp is over 100.

Jseis 04-30-14 06:40 PM

First 90+ degree ride of the year...
96 on our porch right now and 86 in the shade. Unusually toasty for our coastal area.

RonH 04-30-14 07:05 PM

Did my first 80F+ ride Sunday. The heat got to me. I'm not used to it yet. :o I too have been enjoying the 60s and 70s. It was mid 80s today. Did ok.
I'll be leaving earlier so I can get home before the temperature starts climbing too high. :) High temps around here means high humidity too. Not good for riding.

Zinger 04-30-14 07:43 PM

Glad I'm not riding in humid Dallas anymore. And I miss the San Diego weather in the spring, fall and sometimes winter too. It's really nice here in Spokane right now (after way too much rain) but I'm currently using it to paint part of the house. :(

Next week.

BluesDawg 04-30-14 07:44 PM

We've had a few rides above 80 so far. Nothing really onerously hot yet, but it will come before too long. It will bring oppressive humidity along with it. The first couple of long 90+ rides will hurt, but I'll adjust. Aside from the brief adjustment periods between extremes, I'm pretty good with rides in temps from 50 to 90 and can handle about 10 degrees on each side of that range without too much discomfort. With the right gear I could go lower, but it doesn't make sense to invest in something I would have so few days to use.

RonE 05-01-14 09:23 AM

I regularly commute by bicycle in Orlando where the temperatures plus humidity can be brutal - approaching 100 degrees Fahrenheit and 100% humidity in the afternoons. I admit that I have never decided not to ride due to the feels-like temperature, but I have nixed a couple of rides due to the cold, especially cold with anticipated rain.

I have lived in Central Florida for most of my life and have become acclimated to the climate pretty well. During the cooler months, I bring one water bottle. During the warmer times, I bring two frozen water bottles. I just have to remember to drink continually.

I try my best to choose the right road!

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