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oldnslow2 04-30-14 11:00 AM

Bad new, good news
I work in New Jersey but live on Long Island. I'm normally in the office from 6:00am to noon and then head home. Tomorrow I have to be back at the office at 7:00pm. It's not worth going home and coming back... that's the bad news.

The good news is i'm bringing the the bike and will finally get the chance to ride over the George Washington Bridge and explore Rt 9W which runs along the Palisades. I've also been able to find a place to shower after.

cafzali 04-30-14 11:10 AM

It really is a treat, although so many of us take it for granted once we've done it a few times. Also, starting in 2015, the ability to cycle over the GWB will be going away sporadically for a few years because they're going to be cleaning and/or replacing all of the suspension cables on the bridge and using the path as a workzone staging area.

OldTryGuy 04-30-14 11:20 AM

Formally a Bergen County resident who really enjoyed 9W ride to Bear Mtn. One of the very few things I miss about NJ.

oldnslow2 05-01-14 12:13 PM

After more rain in the past 24 hours than we get in a month, the sun came out and I headed over the GW.

Ursa Minor 05-01-14 02:18 PM

wow great view


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