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Boudicca 05-06-14 07:11 AM

Leaking rain jacket
I bought a Sugoi Hydrolite jacket a few years back, and it was wonderful. It scrunched up into nothing, and it sort of puckered up when it rained, which meant the rain didn't get in, but I didn't overheat either. I liked it so much that I bought another one in a slightly different size, which was just as well because the waterproofing started peeling away at the lower edge, which rather defeated the purpose of the rain jacket.

But this year it stopped puckering, which means it doesn't block the water any more, so it's like riding wearing a wind-resistant sponge. Do I just throw a $100 rain jacket away, or is there anything that can be done to repair it?

Biker395 05-06-14 07:28 AM

Have you contacted Sugoi? They might be able to help you.

I dunno that this would work, but there is the old Scotchguard trick we used to play with blue jeans when skiing.

Boudicca 05-06-14 08:37 AM

It's about four years old, so I don't really feel that I can go back to Sugoi. I was wondering if it might revive if I threw it in the dryer. But the instructions say "do not tumble dry," so that might be a bad idea.

Biker395 05-06-14 08:42 AM

Have you tried washing it in Nikwax?

Boudicca 05-06-14 08:45 AM

Yup. Tried that.

fietsbob 05-06-14 09:44 AM

Durable Water Repellant, DWR, treatment applied to the raw fabric in the fabric company,
has probably worn off, so where the water used to bead up, now it spreads out and soaks in ..

FWIW, Detergents have wetting agents, if you washed it in Detergents that does the opposite of the DWR treatment ,

the Tek Wash is made to wash without wetting agents, and then you would use their wash in stuff, to replace the missing DWR
and 'set' it in your drier ..

Carbonfiberboy 05-06-14 11:07 AM

I've tried the above recommended treatments. The only thing I've found to work is this: Penguin Brands Permanent Water Guard 10oz: Sports & Outdoors

This wash is great for all athletic gear, including goretex and the like: Atsko Sport Wash 1L Bottle (34 wash): Sports & Outdoors
I just soaked my Sidis in it and they don't smell any more! Doesn't harm DWR.

Boudicca 05-06-14 01:04 PM

The hydrolite doesn't have a DWR coating as far as I can see. It's a breathable, plasticky membrane over a very fine mesh (that's the bit that peeled away on the first jacket). This is Sugoi's blurb about it:

"HydroLite is an intelligent fabric that activates when water touches the surface causing a reaction to the molecular structure of the membrane."

I think the membrane has forgotten that it's supposed to be intelligent and is supposed to react to water.

Altair 4 05-06-14 02:02 PM


Originally Posted by Boudicca (Post 16734126)
I think the membrane has forgotten that it's supposed to be intelligent and is supposed to react to water.

Fabric Alzheimer's? Sounds like it's toast and you are in the market for a new jacket.

zonatandem 05-09-14 05:58 PM

Replace it with a 30 gallon plastic garbage bag. Cut 3 holes in the bag: one for each arm and one for your head.
Cheaper and disposable . . .

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