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Bike-build: wheel quandary

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Bike-build: wheel quandary


Old 11-19-14, 11:21 AM
Beicwyr Hapus
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Bike-build: wheel quandary

I'm planning to build up a road bike over the winter for use in longer rides next year. I already have wheels, saddle, bars and a full, nearly new Tiagra groupset, and have my eye on a new steel frame by Genesis.

The wheels are almost new, not a matching pair, but look very similar, the rear being ETRTO 622x13 rim and the front 622x12. Currently I use 28c tyres on a 622x15 rim, which I like a lot.

From the charts I've seen it looks as if 25c is the recommended upper limit for the rims I have so my question is; will the ride on 25c tyres be noticeably firmer than on 28c? Increased speed, if any, will not be an important factor in my choice, but comfort over 3-4 hours riding will be.

I'm unsure whether to sell my wheels and buy another slightly wider pair that I can confidently use with 28c.

Any advice from your experience would be welcome.

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Old 11-19-14, 12:39 PM
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You can ride the 12 and 13mm (inner width) wheels with 28mm tires. The only issue is that over wide tires can be a bit squirrelly when the pressure gets too low. It's not a real hazard, just something to be attuned to in the event you get s small puncture and slow leak. If the tire gets soft (I listen/feel for how they take bumps) it can make holding your line in corners more difficult.

Otherwise, unless you're heavy, there's no issue with 25mm tires, which are basically SOP on road bikes these days.

BTW- even if the rims can handle wider tires, don't forget to check your frame and fork, especially the top clearance on the fork, and the chainstay clearance on th frame.
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Old 11-19-14, 12:39 PM
just another gosling
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What do you weigh?

I don't care for how a wide tire on a narrow rim handles so my practice would be not to consider the 28mm. At 150-160 lbs., I like 23mm for LD, but 25 are OK. But that mostly depends on the frame. I don't like hard tires on tin can frames like a C'dale CAAD9. With a compliant frame, narrower, higher pressure tires become a non-issue.

Right now I'm liking stuff from BikeHubStore; Kinlin 279 rims, CX-Ray spokes, and whatever hub strikes your fancy. Those wide rims are nice with 28mm tires. You can build them yourself.
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Old 11-19-14, 02:43 PM
Beicwyr Hapus
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The Equilibrium frame I want will easily take 28mm tyres according to Genesis.

I'm 150 lbs so I know the 25mm tyres will be OK if I go that direction, and hopefully the steel frame/carbon fork will help the ride.

I knew all along that tyre choice is a matter of personal taste and there's already two differing opinions in the first two replies, but that's fine as there's good reasoning behind each opinion which is always helpful. I suppose the logical approach is to first try the wheels I've got with my existing 28mm tyres off my other bike, at no cost. Then if I'm not happy with the ride I can try new 25mm tyres and only after that would I have to consider going to the full expense of new wheels/rims if I didn't like the 25mm.
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Old 11-19-14, 04:34 PM
John E
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Only the Specialized 700Cx28 tires seem to run true to callout size. My Contis, Vittorias, etc. run small, such that a "28" is about 25mm to an inch wide. This is a problem with the rim - tire width compatibility chart on Sheldon's website.
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Old 11-19-14, 05:31 PM
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I am running 25 width tires now, moved up to that width from the stock 23's to better handle our roads. If I could fit a 28, I'd do so, but a CAAD10 is topped out at 25. As mentioned, the pinching in of the 28 would stop me form wanting to use that width on your rims, Gerry. John's reply about true size is food for thought, though. Can you try out some 28's on the rims you have now? Most are smaller than advertised, in my experience, not that that is any great shakes. Are you totally attached to the rims you have, or could you lace up some wider, matching rims to the hubs?

Hopefully you can sort this quandary out and be ready for the spring.

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Old 11-20-14, 07:35 AM
aka Phil Jungels
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Rim width thinking has changed a lot in the last 10 years...... My Crosstrail came OEM with 45 mm wide tires, on 18mm rims, and that is 2.5 X rim width..... No problems even with tires down to 65 PSI, except they felt so slow..... I run them 80-90 psi now, even though I went to 40 and 35 combinations for their hidden secrets.

You should be able to run 32-35 without any issues at all.

Heck, my Sirrus came OEM with true 28s on it, with 14mm wide rims, that's twice rim width, and it's a gem in the handling department. And I am considering a combo of 32-35 , which would be up to 2.5X rim width, on it when it needs new rubber.

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