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Planemaker 12-21-14 08:20 AM

White Road Shoes - How to Clean
I got myour white road shoes muddy yesterday and mesh on the tap is now dirty. Do any of you have a method for cleaning them.

leob1 12-22-14 09:31 AM

I'd just leave them dirty, it proves you use them!

OldsCOOL 12-23-14 09:21 AM

White nylon mesh and mud? Can you put them in the wash? Wesley's Blech White may be your only hope.

JohnDThompson 12-23-14 12:53 PM

Maybe there's a reason why traditional bike shoes and bike shorts are black...

02Giant 12-23-14 12:59 PM

White is out after Labor Day, put them up for the winter.

Looigi 12-23-14 01:06 PM

They're all plastics and synthetics and won't be harmed by ordinary cleaners and water. Simple Green and a brush, then rinse well. If there are greasy stains, try WD40 or OMS.

Carbonfiberboy 12-23-14 04:59 PM

I've thrown mine in the washing machine. Didn't do them any harm.

qcpmsame 12-23-14 07:27 PM

Dishwasher works, too. If you want to hand wash them some Dawn dish washing detergent, and a soft brush, will take all the grease and oil out, easily. This is why own black cycling shoes :innocent: you probably didn't want to hear that, though......


Kai Winters 12-25-14 08:28 AM

I've used a mild soap and water with a small, finger nail, brush...hosed clean and placed on top of my water heater to dry for a day or two. They won't be brand new white but I don't care except to remove the worst of it. I prefer them to look "used" rather than bleached white.

B. Carfree 12-26-14 12:36 AM

You can soak them in white vinegar. That also takes out any foot odor.

I simply consider my white pair to be the missing member of an AG2R kit and leave them brownish.

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