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libertarian 05-23-19 08:53 PM

Handlebar recommendations
Iím looking to make my Pinarello Gan RS in 57.5 work for me still. Iím 6í1/6í2Ē and Iím a bit disappointed because the bike looks and feels a lot more massive than I expected, especially in the front - and thatís with coming from a 60cm steel frame...

I suspect that the handlebar is part of my problem. I already put a shorter stem on but I really dislike the wide handlebar it came with. Not just because of the actual width itself but because of the distance/variance between top of the handlebar vs riding on the hoods. Itís about a 15cm difference. My old bike had more of a 10cm difference. Not sure about the width. The Most Pinarello bar on the Gan RS is listed as 46(!) cm but measures more like 44. My old one is probably a 40 or 42. My daughterís Trek has a bar that probably would work for me, a compact Bontrager that measures 42 but it actually says 40 printed on it.

Obviosuly, Iíd want something nicer that fits the Pinarello, light and from carbon I guess.

So what would I be looking for? Any recommendations? Is it worth trying to sell the current Most XC?

fietsbob 05-24-19 08:33 AM

Ugh, not even a round fork steerer, so the stem change that would be my suggestion
is not doable without buying a proprietary one ..

I think your paddle fell over the side, into the creek .. because you did not make fit first priority..

Good luck ...

libertarian 05-24-19 12:46 PM

Originally Posted by fietsbob (Post 20945438)
Ugh, not even a round fork steerer, so the stem change that would be my suggestion
is not doable without buying a proprietary one ..

I think your paddle fell over the side, into the creek .. because you did not make fit first priority..

Good luck ...

I agree. I may look now to cut my losses and sell locally and start over next year. Lesson learned here is that a Pinarello that fits me perfectly and has all the features I really want (including a Camapgnalo group again) canít be had for $3000. Some deals are too good to be true. Sucks.

fietsbob 05-24-19 02:20 PM

Some Places* have a FiT Cycle its not a bike, but has the 3 contact points
and a lot of adjustments.. with length and protractor angle scales..

a few custom bike frame makers made their own.

* not an old Fishing town at the mouth of a river, no Campy parts either. but Hotels Brewpubs , restaurants,

to fill the few days it takes for special orders ..

(Touring riders on Campy equipped bikes , break stuff & then have to drink with the Locals,
for a few days)


[as to the handle bars Universal cycles Portland, website

or the high end shops in Colorado tried?]


mac_flyer9 05-25-19 03:31 PM

I think the Pinarello has a round steerer. The MOST handlebars / stem and spacers are aerodynamically faired. You can replace them with a standard stem / spacers and handlebars. Check your LBS for a standard round fork/steerer bearings and then see what bars work for you. Good Luck.

Carbonfiberboy 05-27-19 01:54 PM

Seen from the angle in the photo, can't see what's going on with the bars/hoods in terms of angle. My fitter recommended FSA Omega Compact bars to move my hands back. Don't see any great advantage to carbon bars.

VeeBee 06-22-19 05:47 AM

bike fit is a real problem when you fall in the middle of frame sizes. I am having a problem also with a large frame and short stem.

catgita 06-22-19 11:35 AM

Hold your horses on replacing the whole bike! You only need to do that if you can’t get a good fit with a reasonably sized seat post and stem. Handlebar shape is a very personal choice. Bikes don’t come with pedals for a reason, but if it wasn’t a logistical nightmare, they would not come with handlebars, stems or saddles either. You are supposed to swap them.

Handlebar choice is almost as important as saddle for long term comfort. Hand numbness, wrist, arm, back, neck pain, even saddle comfort and endurance are all hugely impacted.

Best case would be to go to a shop with a fit cycle and try a bunch of different shaped and width bars and different reach measurements. Personally, I bought a bunch of cheap bars and stems until I found a setup that worked well, then upgraded. I got really good at wrapping bar tape in the process.

Sapperc 06-24-19 08:06 PM

I just checked and all current Most drop bars have a drop of 125mm and a reach of 80mm. Width is measured from center line of the drops (except for those with flared drops). Thatís fairly compact. Have you tried rotating the handlebars so that the drops are less angled down? If that helps, perhaps get a new Most in the right width. Or shop Amazon for some of the newer ultra-compact drop bars to get an idea of available drop/reach combinations.

And sure, sell that MostXC that doesnít fit to help offset the replacement cost. Or donate it to a local bike co-op.

Nice-looking bike, by the way. Hope you get the fit sorted out in short order. Good luck!

bikeaddiction1 06-24-19 08:34 PM

I think I may be stating the obvious, but it the drop is more than you like it looks like you have a few spacers on top of the stem that you can move down, Or does that just put the top of the bar higher than you want?

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