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choteau 10-23-13 08:22 AM

"Eddy Fit" for touring bike?
Good morning, I'm looking to buy a bike I can use for road / maybe gravel touring. Have read everything I can find on fitting, haven't found anything/much "touring" specific. I need to ride fairly upright, (old back and neck injuries with limited range of motion). Had my wife do the measurements, then I ran the numbers thru the Competitive Cyclist fit program and came out with, 54.6 - 55 cm top tube and 60.6 - 61.1 ctt seat tube on the Eddy fit scale. The numbers look more like an older diamond frame to me. Being a clyde at 245 lbs and thinking about 35 lbs of gear puts me at 280 lbs the frame needs to support. I've been looking at the Surly LHT, it will handle the weight but the top tube is a "bit" long in my size. SO any ideas? Suggestions? Tim

fietsbob 10-23-13 03:42 PM

look here:
your other post on same topic.

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