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Mountainking7 10-24-13 11:13 PM

Which bike computer for under $60 including shipping)
Wrong sub topic...moved to there.

Thanks Dfrost for pointing this to me. I searched where to put it but I failed to spot the electronic sub forum

Dfrost 10-25-13 12:28 AM

I think you're asking this question in the wrong forum. This forum is about bike fit. You'll have more luck in the Electronics forum

But to answer your question, I like the Planet Bike computers these days, and have several of the Protege 9.0 models - nice 4-line display that keeps the important stuff always visible, and the bottom line rotates through others, with time of day and temperature being my usual. I prefer the wired model.

I've had cadence and heart rate monitoring computers and no longer need that level of information.

Road Fan 10-26-13 04:21 AM

i like to have cadence, speed and distance functions. The old Cateye Astrale had those functions, and I think there is a model called Strada that also has those. But even more than those, I like the mid-level Sigma products. Mine are called "1602," but that is an old model designation. I would suggest just looking on the Sigma site, look through the feature lists, and then shop the LBS's and discounters for price. I can't say they are less than $60, but I think you can find a good buy. For such simple units, there's nothing wrong with shopping old stock, either.

I like to have heart rate as well, but that really pumps the $$. I've been using a Polar HRM along with the Sigma or Cateye. At present I'm interested in a more capable one, but I have a little job problem to fix first.

Dfrost is right - this does not belong here, but it's a simple issue to render assistance on. And if the mods move it to Electronics, you'll still have our responses.

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