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tommyjay90 10-30-13 05:32 AM

How exactly does one read these dimensions?
Hey everybody,

I'm new here and very new to cycling. I recently test rode a Schwinn Le Tour that I greatly enjoyed and thought fit comfortably. The tag said the measurements were 52x55, I'm confused as to what this means? Does it mean it's a 52cm frame or 55? I'm pushing 5'11 and I don't want to look comical. Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks guys.

fietsbob 10-30-13 03:45 PM

Rather short on info.. better to state the centers .. but I guess , its too small ..

the 55 the top tube , the 52 the BB center to seat-tube.. either the top of the tube C-T
or the center of the BB to top tube center line. C-C.

though it may be a sloping top tube compact frame design,, you need a pretty long seat post ?

at 5' 11" in a level toptube type, a 56 in a race fit, or a 58 in a tour sizing would be better, 565~57 top tube .

I'm 5'9" and I like Top Tubes around 57, so toeclip-overlap is not an issue .. with 73~72 angles..

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