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barrykai 11-01-13 07:23 PM

Guess Low or High for Used Bike
This is a very similar topic that I've raised before. I'm on a budget and need to buy a used endurance road bike. Will probably have my local LBS to a fitting after getting the bike. I've taken all the measurements, did the Bike Fit calculations and another system on a different website and have talked to many cyclists. At 6'1, logically I should probably go with a 58 but calculations show I should be on a 56, possibly because of longer than normal femur and upper body ratio less than my lower body. Inseam is 34.25.

If I guess wrong, should I go low or high?

Any ideas?

chaadster 11-01-13 09:20 PM

Low, for sure.

Road Fan 11-02-13 07:23 AM

If you're going for a performance ride, go low since the position will be more aero once you get reach sorted out. If you're going for endurance or long distance riding, go bigger but not too big since the bar position will be higher. It's generally (just generally, no guarantees) better for comfort over a long day in the saddle.

If you measured your inseam correctly, your theoretical frame size is 56.6 cm to 58.3 cm (based on multiplying by factors .65 and .67). Again, this is just theoretical, and very simplistic. If you like a high handlebar go bigger, but 58 might well be max for you.

rando_couche 11-02-13 04:26 PM

The previous two posters seem to have missed the word "endurance", which implies a more relaxed fit. If you will indeed be doing "endurance" riding, go big.


Road Fan 11-02-13 08:02 PM

Please re-read - I didn't miss "endurance."

chaadster 11-03-13 06:38 AM

I didn't miss it either, I just don't believe a big bike is germane to 'endurance' riding. With everyday, off-the-shelf components, even a 'race' frame can be set up comfortably.

i also don't believe larger frames confer any ride benefits, just penalties in terms of responsiveness and weight. Comfort can be tuned more effectively via components than frame, and a solid, efficient frame is always the preferable base from which to proceed in my mind.

As a rule, it's always possible to go up/out for fitting, but you run into frame limitations coming down/in. I don't think that's an issue here between 56 and 58cm sizes for this rider, though.

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