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Xsive 11-04-13 09:12 PM

Road vs. Mtn fitting
Should adjustments in the fore/aft be made to account for the mtn bike's slack geometry?

Is there a standard conversion formula from road to mtn bike (i.e., saddle height or crank arm length)?

What comparisons can be made between the road and mtn fit?

fietsbob 11-05-13 12:57 PM

You racing both? or JRA?

Xsive 11-05-13 10:15 PM

Racing both, but no road races scheduled until next spring.

elcruxio 11-08-13 02:48 AM

My road bike has a setback of 10cm at the moment. I need 11.5cm I think for optimal power and muscle balance but I'll have to get back to that when the season opens up again.
My MTB 29er has a setback of maybe... 8cm... It's not optimal for power or muscle balance and I feel often that my quads are just going to burn off. Almost no hamstring recruitment with so little setback. BUT, as the terrain I ride has basically only extremely technical climbing I need to have my center of balance a bit more forward so I don't wheelie the whole way up. Or actually only one wheelie in these terrains means stop, try to get moving, nope, walk...

I would say that depending on the terrain you are riding it comes down to either handling or power. Flat non technical means power (aka. close to road bike setback) and elevated technical means handling. (whatever works but with a 29er less setback and 26er more)

fietsbob 11-08-13 03:12 PM

MTB fames tend to have longer top tubes , than Road Bike frames ..
because drop bars have a forward bend to the brake hoods ..

where a MTB straight Bar Wont. (obviously, it's a few degrees bent back)

the cockpit to the common reach , might be comfortable , as a similar distance.

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