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Zedmor 11-16-13 09:26 PM

Please help me with fit (video included)

I did some work when buying a bike - put my numbers on competitive cyclist calculator and came out with 56 frame, so I bought a bike from a friend - may be I had to try more bikes but whatever. All measurements are close to what that site calculated for me except saddle to handlebar (it's like inch short). Bike feel great except one thing - I believe I put too much pressure to my hands so my pinky feel numb even after hour or two of biking. I understood there's could be a numerous problems that lead to that but I want to start with a fit/riding position. Bike is trek 2100 56cm.

Here's video:

here's my numbers. Thank you so much in advance.

The Eddy Fit (cm)
Seat Tube Range c–c:
Seat Tube Range c–t:
Top Tube Length:
Stem Length:
BB–Saddle Position:
Saddle Handlebar:
Saddle Setback:
54.2 - 54.7 cm
55.9 - 56.4 cm
56.9 - 57.3 cm
10.7 - 11.3 cm
71.8 - 73.8 cm
56.8 - 57.4 cm
5.9 - 6.3 cm

Your Measurments
Lower Leg:
Sternal Notch:
Total Body Height:

10 Wheels 11-16-13 09:31 PM

Do it over in bike shorts showing your legs and with feet on the pedals.

Zedmor 11-16-13 10:20 PM


Originally Posted by 10 Wheels (Post 16252828)
Do it over in bike shorts showing your legs and with feet on the pedals.

Updated video! Thanks! (now with cute cats)

GeneO 11-16-13 10:34 PM

Your saddle looks like it needs raised. Get that right and then review again.

Zedmor 11-16-13 11:10 PM


Originally Posted by GeneO (Post 16252908)
Your saddle looks like it needs raised. Get that right and then review again.

thanks. how about now?

10 Wheels 11-16-13 11:13 PM


Originally Posted by Zedmor (Post 16252946)

I would raise the saddle a bit...Everything else is good to go...have fun.

catonec 11-17-13 01:10 AM

Crank that seat way up. your legs should have alot more extension.

Road Fan 11-17-13 11:37 AM

I agree, your saddle looks too low.

Have you tried to do the heel on pedal method, as a basic fit check? It's probably the lowest your saddle should be. But for the reasons below, it's not the last word.

Also, perhaps you should recheck your inseam measurement making sure you have the longest possible measurement - get the book really pulled up hard in there. I'm just under 5'6" and my inseam, true pubic bone height, is 32.2 cm.

Also, if you have long feet or a forward cleat position, your knee will be bent more than for someone with small feet for the same saddle height, even more so if your thighs are long. This just proves that pure vertical measurements aren't necessary the last word.

At the same time you can just go out for a long ride or trainer session and see if you have pain on the front of your knees. For me that's a sure sign to raise the saddle a few mm at a time. The height at which knee pain ends or never starts but not high enough for painful hip rocking, is the correct height in my personal experience.

Zedmor 11-18-13 07:48 PM

Thank you guys! This is a clearly friendliest forum on internet, and I saw many.

I raised saddle and no numbness in pinky anymore since there's more weight is put onto pelvis. I biked 3 hours today and feel great and energized after ride, that's always a good sign. I do not like to raise it anymore since mounting and unmounting sometimes struggle for me, since I am total newbie (200 miles on road bike)

Thank you again

Doc V 11-18-13 09:25 PM

Congrats on getting your weigh shifted off your hands.

Mount over the top tube, rotate one of the pedals to the 2 o'clock position, click in to that pedal, then step up on to that pedal and place your butt on the seat (you should be moving at this point). Now before loose momentum clip the other foot in and off you go. You can tilt the bike slightly on its side when placing your leg over the top tube. This mounting method allows you to have the correct seat height and still mount/dismount the bike.

When coming to a stop unclip one of your pedals and stand over that foot while rolling, then right as you stop shift your weight over the top tube and step down to the ground.

Sheldon Brown's site has a good article/video on the technique

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