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roborovski007 11-22-13 04:17 AM

Need help analyzing my road bike posture (pic included)
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Need you guys to determine whether am I too streched out. I'm quite fine with the current fit but sometimes on some rides, I wish the stem could be shorter by a bit like 110mm? (530mm top tube + 120mm)

Doc V 11-22-13 06:54 AM

Can you ride on the hoods with a slight bend in your elbows? If not, you probably are a little too stretched out and should try shorter stems.

fietsbob 11-22-13 01:36 PM

When I'm good, I have a line of sight straight down the steering axis.

for a roadie you stretch out to get low to reduce the air resistance ..

thats the kind of bike you own.

buy a few shorter stems , maybe you and your LBS can work out a deal ,
have them get a 9, 10,11, and understand you will keep one, and trade in what you use now.

so a win-win. consider an adjustable angle stem, as Angled up is also closer a bit.

jyl 12-03-13 11:25 PM

Is something hurting, or do you just feel a bit of strain?

Shorter stem and/or higher stem will tend to make you sit more upright, more aero resistance, and could make the drops position cramped. If it is just strain, maybe shift positions from time to time, e.g. ride on the tops sometimes and down in the drops too. Staying in one position for a long time can be tiring, even if the fit is fine.


Wesley36 12-05-13 07:27 AM


Originally Posted by roborovski007 (Post 16267975)
Need you guys to determine whether am I too streched out. I'm quite fine with the current fit but sometimes on some rides, I wish the stem could be shorter by a bit like 110mm? (530mm top tube + 120mm)

Ultimately, if you are comfortable otherwise, I would say that you would probably be best off with a shorter stem. Essentially, you want to set up your bike so that your basic angles are neutral. Between your torso and your arm (when it is straight), the goal is ~ a 90 degree angle. Your arms are extended further out than 90 degrees, so I think your assessment is correct - you are stretched out.

However, you might also need to get a different angle stem, as well as a shorter one. Simply shortening the stem will mean sitting up more straight, which would change your fit (might not be a bad thing...). If you want to maintain your hip and torso position, imagine where your hands need to be for your torso and arm to have a 90 degree angle. As well as shortening the stem, you would also need to drop the handlebars lower to get the arm/ torso angle down a bit.

Having said all of that, I also see your lower back is quite rounded. If you are happy like that, fine (although optimally, you would have the flexibility to roll your pelvis forward, thus eliminating the need to round out your back)(also, rolling your pelvis forward makes you sit "longer" on the bike). However, if your hip angle is opened up a bit more (ie you sit more upright), your back alignment would be improved, given the position of your pelvis. So, going with a shorter stem and sitting more upright could be the best decision for you in terms of fit, both in terms of addressing the fact that you are stretched out and that your lower back is rounded.

And this is the other part of the picture that is missing. What kind of riding do you do (mostly)? How long are the rides you generally do? If you are racing in shorter events, like crits, a more aggressive fit makes sense, if you are doing more long distance riding a more relaxed fit (ie more upright, less aero) would probably be in order.

chaadster 12-05-13 07:57 AM

Reach to the flats looks like it should be about right, or maybe could be a bit further, even, but it definitely doesn't look too long. Rather, the issue seems to be not so much stem length, but handlebar reach. I'd say take a look at the possibility of a short reach/compact bar. It's pricier than a stem swap, but if you're comfy on the flats and have the money to spend, I'd take a look at bringing the hoods grip position in a bit with shorter handlebar reach.

bigfred 12-06-13 02:55 AM

You look a little stretched, with minimal bend to your elbow. However, if I'm seeing the photo correctly, you're also about as far out on the hoods as you could get, with only your pinky wrapped under. How does it feel if you bring the fork of your thumb and forefinger back a little.

Wilfred Laurier 12-29-13 12:49 PM

if you feel too stretched out then try a slightly shorter
like 2cm shorter
only you can tell if the fit is right
and if it doesnt quite feel right
then it isnt

kind of hard to tell from the photo
but i suspect you saddle might be a cm or so too low

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