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Adamc23 11-25-13 09:46 PM

Need help in fitting a road bike
Hey all new to the forums here so don't shoot if this is the wrong place for this topic!
Permission to move!

But anyways I plan on entering a marathon, 150miles and am looking for a road bike
however, I'm not familiar with this territory and need your opinions.

I'm used to riding a Canondale carbon trailbike averaging maybe 50-60 miles a week
I'm 5'10" 160lbs
Don't really want to spend over 800$ so try and be nice :lol:

Any other information needed? Like I said not familiar with road bikes and don't know what factors go in to buying a well fitting bike for long rides to reduce stress on limbs, provide best ride etc.

fietsbob 11-26-13 12:44 AM

hows that one feel ? got a tape measure?

know any bike shops? test ride some.

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