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MEversbergII 01-07-14 12:33 PM

Fitting Q's
So I am searching for a new bike, this time as a nice one. Time to graduate from BSO's! Specifically, I'm looking to get a classic style, upright sitting "roadster" type.

I am 5'3" tall (nominally) and my inseam appears to be 28". This means I need a frame with a seat tube of 48cm. However, there is a complication!

I have a congenital defect in which my Achelies tendons are too short. They simply do not let me stand "flat footed", and subsequently I have no "dorsiflection" - the ability to pull my foot upwards to my shin. The angle I'm stick with is a range between 180 to 45. Sucks hard.

The extra "lift" I get from being on the balls of my feet every time I'm standing appears to be 2-3". So really, I'm a 5'-5'1" guy who happens to be on his toes. This also means my "inseam" is really more like 26".

So in doing the measurements, I know my stand over height gives me the 28" I measured above. Should I do any other measurements with the "corrected" height, which takes into account the extra lift? Or should I just count myself as the height I stand, regardless?

Also, how much does tyre size change fit? I.E. if I have to go with a 51cm frame (looks to be the next size up), would it make a difference between using 28" wheels vs 26", or are there other mechanics in question?



fietsbob 01-07-14 12:52 PM

A big tire gets into Toe clip overlap problems as the top tube reach has to be shortened,
in relation to the size/seat tube length .. smaller bikes are shorter too.

but the front wheel needs more length to not interfre with your feet , turning at Low speeds

small-big is a problem.

A Nice Bike without getting into these problems : Bike Friday, & accept the Small 20" wheel .

they have a toll free number, to dicuss the needs with a consultant to get the ball rolling.
and the Eugene Oregon Based company is a flexible JIT, manufacturer,
so the Bike is made as the Order comes up in the queue. .

and will do alterations for other than the average rider .

as you have special needs , they would be the path I would reccomend ..

it will be a bike Made For You, individually.

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