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spdntrxi 05-01-14 09:16 PM

5'8" ETT 53cm

expatbrit 05-02-14 09:22 AM

6'7, but with a 34" (trouser) inseam and disproportionately long arms.

On a 56cm (ETT of 560 and seat tube of 600mm, in theory), with a 130mm stem and what I think is a reasonable amount of saddle to bar drop.

Love people's faces when i tell them I ride a 56. Size-wise, it's very comparable to the 61cm Tarmac I also tried out; a little less reach for the CX geo.

TheNeed4Speed 05-05-14 04:57 PM

I'm 6'9", riding a 63cm Bianchi Via Nirone 7 with a stem lift (raises the handlebars a few inches). I am happy with how well it fits. For a while it was looking like I would have to choke down on a smaller bike because I'm not willing to pay out of my azz for a custom frame. Ride on!

bigfred 05-05-14 05:07 PM

Way outside your size range. But, I'm 6'5" and have road bikes with ETT of 585, 600 & 615mm, with stem lengths to suit of 140, 120 or 130(I have a couple I can swap around) & 110mm respectively. So, everything has an effective seatpost to tops distance of approximately 720-725mm, +/- depending on stack and realative angles. Plus a bit of variation for various bar reach and drop dimensions, as well as hood shapes.

RaleighSport 05-05-14 05:19 PM

5'9" and 53-56cm ST depending on geometry, I tend to prefer the 56 ones... short legs, long torso, long arms. Standover is irrelevant as long as my pubic bone doesn't touch the TT.

noglider 05-07-14 10:20 AM

I'm 5'9-1/2" (177 cm) tall and ride road bikes ranging from 54 to 57.5 cm. lately! I've come to find that I like smaller bikes better.

By the way, I agree that the Cross Check is a weird fitting frame. You're better off buying a small one than a big one.

My PBH is 33" (84 cm). I have short legs for my height, and I'm glad, because I can ride a smaller bike than others of my height can. However, I have huge feet, and it wonder how that affects my fit and abilities.

TaylorC 05-07-14 09:29 PM

I don't have a lot of miles on the road bike but it's a 54cm Trek. I'm 5'8" on a tall day. Moved the seat back about as far as it would go and I still feel like I could use a bit more stretch when I'm on the hoods. Jumped on a friend's 56cm Tarmac and it felt great, until I tried to stand over it. Just a bit to tight against the jewels.
Thinking I need longer stem.

Jseis 05-07-14 10:02 PM

5'10", size 13+ feet, 32" inseam, longish torso, 34" sleeve, XL mitts. My road bikes are 54cm to 58cm.

e_guevara 05-07-14 10:38 PM

172 cm (5'8"), with an 80.5 cm (31.7") inseam. I have two bikes, one with 55.5 cm effective TT and a 100 mm stem, and another with 53.3 cm and 120 mm stem.

krobinson103 05-08-14 12:10 AM

2 Attachment(s)
190cm tall with gorilla arms. I ride a 20.5 inch mtb and a much modified 52cm roadie. Yes, everyone says its too small but I care not because it feels spot on with a long seat post and the correct bar setup.

20.5 inch fuji

52cm roadie (ride 200km plus on this one - very comfortable) Did put a 140mm stem on it and remove all the spacers though. Makes it a sweet low position for long rides.

chipndale9 05-08-14 12:33 AM

5'8", 31-32" inseam. I have a 54cm Cannondale Synapse but I've been regretting not getting a 51/52. While I don't feel all that stretched out, my palms hurt from gripping the hoods because I'm putting too much weight on it. I tried adjusting the saddle but didn't have much success. I also changed from stock 100mm stem to 90mm which may have improved slightly...going to try 80mm soon. Guess I just have short arms for my height and my legs.

Sixty Fiver 05-08-14 01:10 AM

Just a speck under 5 foot ten with a 33 inch inseam and my range of rideability is 52-55 cm although my favourite road frame is a 55.5 and feels like an old shoe.

I have owned and ridden larger frames... I have an above average reach for my height and lots of flexibility in my back for an aggressive position.

krobinson103 05-08-14 02:20 AM

Its interesting that in every forum/face book group I see people say thats its IMPOSSIBLE to run a smaller frame and be comfortable. Yet.. I got a 52cm to work when theory says I should be running 58. Not only does it work, but I like the stiffer, smaller frame better than the 'correct' frame on my mtb. If you look at a mini velo theres no way you could make a frame the correct size given the small bike. Thus, whats wrong with a small frame and the seatpost/stem adjusted to compensate? I don't feel that that my small roadie is any less responsive than larger framed bikes I've tried. also gives me lots of saddle/bar drop which I really like. Don't get the bars level with saddle thing on any bike.

Sixty Fiver 05-08-14 02:25 AM

Mini velos and folders are sized with a virtual top tube... my P20 is a 54 cm and my Moulton is a 55.

Weatherby 05-08-14 04:13 AM

6'3'' with road frames from 58 up to 63 depending upon the vintage frame and the purpose of the bike. The 58 borders on being too small.

stromeur 05-08-14 07:57 AM

1 Attachment(s)'m 6'5'' with short torso ( a 60 cm top tube could be enough ) .
The question must be '' How long is your inseam '' instead of '' How tall are you '' . This is my 70cm custom built Marinoni during the '80 . Click on the pic to enlarge . I've got 39 '' ( near 1meter ) inseam . I need 35.5 '' BB to top of a seat . Today with all 350-400 mm seat post avalaible , I'm riding non-custom 63 cm road frame .

pavemen 05-08-14 12:02 PM

6'3" and ride a 60 cm endurance frame. Inseam is 31-32" but I have a tall torso.

Al Criner 05-14-14 12:08 PM

179 cm tall, 85 cm inseam, 58 cm Cross Check (58 cm top tube, c-t-c). I should probably be riding one size smaller, maybe even two sizes, but I got the frame second-hand and made it work. I wanted more of a "French Fit" position, so a bigger frame was workable.

Vexxer 05-14-14 12:38 PM

6'5... ride a 23 inch Hybrid.

otg 05-14-14 12:49 PM

I'm 5'7'. All my bikes except one are 52's. I have one 54. both sizes work fine for me, but I have a bit more stand over clearance with the 52's. The 54 is a bit "tight", but definitely not a problem.

elcruxio 05-15-14 01:55 AM

6'5" with 37.5" inseam
196cm with 96cm inseam (why can't you yanks just convert to the metric. Tens all around)

I ride a
61cm Specialized crux comp. Fits perfectly and has a lot of variation on fit. I can raise the handlebars so high it works out as a perfect touring bike and I can drop them so low it becomes an agressive racer.
23" Specialized rockhopper pro. I could have gone with the 21" version as well but I wanted a shorter stem and a wider bar for better downhill handling.

vittore30 05-15-14 08:31 AM

5'10' (178 cm), 55 ETT, 120mm stem

XXLHardrock 05-19-14 10:21 PM

6'3.5" (193 cm) with a 36.5" (93 cm) inseam and a 6'7" ( 2 meter !)wingspan. Currently trying to get comfy on a 24" ST hardtail MTB with, would you believe it, a 26" (640 cm) ETT. They don't make'em like that anymore.

JamesRL 05-23-14 09:03 AM

I'm 6' and I currently ride a 22.5 inch Trek 330. I've raised the seatpost quite high, not quite to the max. My new build is a 58 CM low end Bianchi frame from the 80s(donated by a forum member, thanks again). I haven't picked out a stem or seatpost yet, I'm thinking I will simply measure what I have and go the next size up. I'm thinking I might need to shop around.

asque2000 05-23-14 09:14 AM

I'm 6'4" and I ride a 60 cm road bike, and a Specialized Large frame mountain bike (I don't remember the dimensions on that one).

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