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based bike 04-30-14 03:02 PM

Brooks Mens vs Womens (S) Fit
I wound up with a Brooks Cambium S on my bike, which is the one that's "more suited to the female anatomy" according to Brooks.

Problem is, I'm a guy and I gots the male anatomy. I used it on a 30 mile ride the other day and it murdered my scranus.

From what I can tell, the dimensions are all the same except for the length, which is 18mm shorter. I'm guessing that's all at the nose? It's also almost identical in length to my previous saddle.

Does saddle length really matter that much? Just wondering if the saddle fit is what's killing my scranus or if it's just because the saddle isn't broken in yet.

fietsbob 04-30-14 03:16 PM

I too think they are just shorter , rear and front support frames are the same .. they list the length data somewhere .. 18mm as you say.

I use a 'Unisex' Fizik Vitesse HP. its seems fine ..

You may bend at the hips, back too straight, rather in your lower back that makes a difference on the 'Taint' Pressure.

goldfinch 04-30-14 03:25 PM

It may be that you need to adjust the tilt or other positioning of the saddle. Both spouse and I fussed quite a bit with ours until they were in the just right position.

My understanding is that the Cambium does not need to be broken in.

I ride the "s" style Brooks because I am so short that the long nose of the standard version interferes with the ease of mounting and dismounting my bike. Most men and women I know prefer the longer nosed saddle. My husband can't stand the short nose on my saddle.

1 Miyata Biker 05-01-14 08:20 PM

The Brooks saddles take some time to get broken in. I hope you got their Proofhide to help soften and help water proof ( somewhat ) the saddle. It really helps teh break in period. My B 17 felt good after about 500 miles...but even better after the next 500 miles. You may need to try diferent elevations, adjustments fore and aft, and tilts before you get the perfect fit for your sit bones. It will take some time.

based bike 05-02-14 02:04 PM

The C17/cambium is Brooks' new non-leather saddle, so no proofhide or waterproofing is necessary. I got it bc I always wanted a Brooks but I ride in the rain. BROOKS ENGLAND LTD. | TOURING+&+TREKKING | CAMBIUM+C17

Supposedly they're supposed to ride similar to a broken in B17 right out of the box, so that's why I'm a little surprised by how stiff it is. Since the cambium saddles from Brooks are still so new there's not a lot out there about how long it takes to break them in, or whether breaking them in much is even possible.

Chris Pringle 05-03-14 10:09 PM

Brooks saddles, unlike other saddles, need to be ridden with the nose tilted up a little bit. Try that and see how it works. I have mine tilted up about 3. Having said that I have two Brooks saddles. One of them is a B67S (female version w/ springs) that I got by mistake. For whatever reason that saddle is only OK for short rides. It becomes uncomfortable after an hour on it. My Brooks B17 Special (not to be confused with the S version) is absolute comfort no matter how long I ride.

based bike 05-04-14 11:45 AM

Thanks, Chris! I'll try tilting the nose up a little. Had it completely level previously.

I also bought my S version by mistake. Nothing on the packaging mentioned it. There's a very, very small "s" on one of the rivets, but it's on the rivet that already has C17 in large letters so it doesn't stand out at all.

Plucked it off the same rack with a bunch of cambium saddles all in the lighter canvas color... mostly the dark color jumped out. Didn't even think to check for a shorter nose.

Wallingford Bicycle Parts has a brief little blurb about the womens/mens Brooks. Should have thought to order from them... I used to work like two blocks from their shop. I've heard they'll let you try out different saddles and return them within six months. The LBS I got this Brooks from had a no return policy. Blegh. Oh well.

based bike 05-05-14 06:40 AM

Tilted the nose up just *barely* and took it on a 40 mile ride. No pain at all. I imagine that's partially due to the angle and partially due to just riding it more.

Spero 07-12-14 09:43 PM


Originally Posted by based bike (Post 16729228)
Tilted the nose up just *barely* and took it on a 40 mile ride. No pain at all. I imagine that's partially due to the angle and partially due to just riding it more.

Can you give a comfort update on your Cambium? I'm considering getting one for a new bike- torn between the Brooks C17s and a Fizik Vitesse HP. I've had a Fizik on both my road and MTB for years, but with a new build comes all kinds of new "what if" options.


NormanF 07-12-14 09:50 PM

I'd go with a Brooks traditional leather saddle. I'm partial to the Brooks Flyer. The B17 top with springs makes any ride forgiving.

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