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Hessica8684 05-04-14 08:07 PM

Woman's bike shorts
I have bad issues in the private area. The bike shop has done enough to the bike to help. I need more padding in the front bc I swell, but can't seem to find shorts that help. Can anyone help!?

KonaRider125 05-04-14 08:14 PM

Pearl izumi makes great bike shorts with enough padding where you need it, might be worth trying a pair out.

jyl 05-04-14 10:45 PM

Also try adjusting the saddle angle, start with flat (neither nose up nor nose down) and then make very small changes.

If necessary, try a saddle designed for women. Terry is one such brand.

noglider 05-07-14 10:30 AM

I'm not an expert, but something sounds very wrong, and I fear that changing your shorts won't address the problem properly. I strongly recommend reading more and also trying various saddles. Padding is rarely an answer to discomfort on a bike. Once you have things set up correctly, I feel you should need very little or no padding.

Women-specific saddles have been a godsend for some. Many have cut outs for the perineum. Also, position and tilt are critical adjustments can take time to find. I suggest you try as many saddles and positions as you can. It's expensive to keep swapping saddles, but if it's necessary, it's totally worth it.

Also, what kind of bike are you riding? You might find that you're better off riding more upright.

My wife has been very happy with Planet Bike women's saddles and the other brands that look like them. They're not expensive. To best determine he ideal saddle shape for you, choose one with FIRM padding. As I said, extra padding is misguided. When padding is extra soft, you can mask the problem rather than solving it.

Leisesturm 05-07-14 11:25 AM

Some stores have saddle buy-backs but most only have some kind of exchange. You are locked in to their selection. If you live like most in this country you are not likely to make it back to the store to exchange within the change period. Now its yours. Whether it fits or not. Pretty soon you build a collection. Nutz to that. Been there, doing that, the o.p. doesn't have to join us in the madness.

Its all about fit. Bike fit. Even cheap saddles can be comfortable if the bike fits. Most dont. Really. Most. People get on a bike and they expect nothing to hurt. There are actually some kinds of discomfort on a bike that are benign and will either go away with increased fitness and adaptation or when you buy a recumbent. Sitting more upright is fine, if you bring the bars back to you when you raise them. How many do that? How many can? How many know how to accomplish that?

A bike saddle is called a saddle and not a seat because you are not supposed to sit on it! Much of a cyclists weight is actually supposed to be borne on their feet and hands/arms. You should frequently on rides of any length be off your seat. As mentioned earlier, saddle tilt is very important. Most women cannot tolerate any degree of nose up. Dead level works best. Never nose down. Saddle should be well forward so that weight comes down on the rear of the saddle. Women have shorter arms and will skootch forward on a saddle that is too far backwards. If you aren't sitting on the wide, flat, part of the saddle, it will hurt. Terry saddles are great, so are Specialized. It doesn't require trying half a dozen different models to find one that will work. ANY of them can and will work if the underlying bike fit is correct. Any remaining discomfort is intrinsic to riding a bicycle and must be overcome through time in the saddle and increasing fitness.


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