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Zing Supreme 05-04-14 08:20 PM

Is this too much bike?
I am 6ft with a 34" in seem and I am looking at purchasing a 61 cm Kona Zing Supreme. Is this bike too big for me?
I have also been told that a 58 cm would be better.
Some have said it is all in the bike.

Unfortunately I can't get this bike any smaller at this price anywhere else.

I have suffered by purchasing my last road bike too small and I don't want to do it again.

What do you think?
Bike specs shown at link below

casio04330 05-04-14 08:33 PM

hello, welcome.. if you feel it maybe to much for you then maybe it is..

chaadster 05-04-14 08:43 PM

I think you'll be able to ride it just fine and comfortably. The big question though is whether it will deliver the riding experience you want, and that's really hard to guess without throwing a leg over it and going for a spin.

raqball 05-04-14 08:47 PM

I'm 6' 1" and I ride a 58..

Can you test ride it before you buy?

Dfrost 05-05-14 01:49 PM

I'm 6'0" with a 35" inseam (wear 34" pants) and comfortably fit on 62cm (ctc) horizontal TT frames.

fietsbob 05-05-14 02:25 PM

Basics : straddle the top tube, flat footed, in bare feet .. how much clearance do you have ?

Lift the front wheel off the floor, how far up can you lift it?

Leisesturm 05-07-14 02:12 PM

Lets see if I can make this any clearer for the o.p. I am 5'10". 33.5" inseam (32" pants) I am riding a 62cm horizontal top tube road racer. Stand-over is 31.5". I can't stand over it barefoot. We get along fine. The price made it worth the learning curve. OTOH my daily commuter is a 52cm sloping top tube. 350mm seat-post running near its insertion limit. I don't like the look, but, we get along fine. The price made it worth the lost style points.


WDH74 05-07-14 10:58 PM

It depends entirely on the bike, I think. Of my two, one is listed as an 18" frame (45cm), and it feels a bit tall when I am standing over it. One says it's 22.5" (57), and it actually feels a little short. However both bikes look "right", in that I don't dwarf either one.

TLDR, it's going to be all about feel and standover height.

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