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arescec 05-08-14 03:02 PM

Stem length and butterfly handlebars
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I just fitted my bike with a new handlebars, changed from straight to butterfly, but may have a problem.
I'm not sure if it is OK to leave my bike like this or should I get a longer stem (aheadset adapter with ahead stem or 22.2 classical stem like it is now?)

fietsbob 05-09-14 09:21 AM

IDK what that feels like , if it feels comfortable & you are OK with the posture and the bike's handling, who am I to say it's wrong.

I have the rear center of the Bars on my Bike Friday Pocket Llama
aligned as it turns out across from the steerer tube end, 56 top tube 45 short stem (no Picture)

and raised the existing stem and fitted this Bar on it which has its own adjustment sliding option , pushed towards the back.

WB Bicycle Gallery: Robert Clark's Koga Miyata WTR which, as you see, is a bit ahead of the steer tube axis ..
top tube of the bike is a bit shorter on it ..

bikemig 05-09-14 09:29 AM

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I just kept the existing stem when I added trekking bars and I was pretty happy with the set up. The straight part where the operational controls go (shifters and brake levers) was farther inbound than the original straight bar but the curved section which lets you stretch out was farther outbound. For me that was a good compromise. YMMV but if the original stem worked with a straight bar, I'd try out that stem.

arescec 05-09-14 11:35 AM

I've done a 120km test ride today and the bike felt really good so I guess I will keep the setup. The original stem that came with the bike would require me to unwrap the handlebars and remove everything, and I don't think it is any longer, maybe a cm.

It was just that my first 1/2h ride seemed a bit unstable and weird but it seems I was just not used to this type of handlebars. And yes, as many people on this forum already stated, they beat the c*** out of straight bars for touring :D

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