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Fear Before 05-12-14 10:28 PM

Help with C-C sizing
I'm really confused about the whole C-C sizing for a bike that I'm going to order online (Mercier Kilo TT,
Save Up to 60% Off Fixie | Fixed Gear | Track Bicycle | Mercier Track Bikes | Singlespeed Bikes - Kilo Stripper). I used the fit calculator and it looks like I need either a 53cm(56C-T) or a 55cm(58C-T). To me it looks like I'm in between these sizes but I could be misunderstanding the whole fit guide. Which one would be a better choice for me? Thanks

My measurements:
Actual Inseam: 33 In
Trunk: 25 In
Forearm: 14.5 In
Arm: 26 In
Thigh: 24 In
Lower Leg: 22.5 In
Sternal Notch: 66 In
Total Height: 70 In

Eddy fit:
Top Tube Length 56.2 - 56.6 Cm
Seat Tube Range CC 55.5 - 56 Cm
Seat Tube Range CT 57.2 - 57.7 Cm
Stem Length 10.1 - 10.7 Cm
BB Saddle Position 76 - 78 Cm
Saddle Handlebar 55.1 - 55.7 Cm
Saddle Setback 5.6 - 6 Cm
Seatpost Type Setback

Competitive fit:
Top Tube Length 56.2 - 56.6 Cm
Seat Tube Range CC 54.3 - 54.8 Cm
Seat Tube Range CT 56 - 56.5 Cm
Stem Length 11.2 - 11.8 Cm
BB Saddle Position 76.8 - 78.8 Cm
Saddle Handlebar 54.3 - 54.9 Cm
Saddle Setback 4.4 - 4.8 Cm
Seatpost Type Not Setback

French fit:
Top Tube Length 57.4 - 57.8 Cm
Seat Tube Range CC 57.2 - 57.7 Cm
Seat Tube Range CT 58.9 - 59.4 Cm
Stem Length 10.3 - 10.9 Cm
BB Saddle Position 74.3 - 76.3 Cm
Saddle Handlebar 56.8 - 57.4 Cm
Saddle Setback 5.1 - 5.5 Cm
Seatpost Type Setback

fietsbob 05-13-14 08:16 AM

C-C to my knowledge means center to center , to find center to top you add the radius of the tube..

since you are wanting a bikes direct, no dealer, bike .. ask them . It's their business not mine ..

if you cannot buy a bike from past sizing knowledge of your own bikes

that may not be the place to get your bike.. and you should spend the money to get a bike you can test ride first.

.. and will be set up and ready to ride.

and have the Local shop help available after the sale..

Al Criner 05-14-14 12:19 PM

The geometry chart for that bike indicates steep angles and real high bottom bracket. That is not exactly the type of bike that fit calculator was created for. Plus, I think you are hung up on seat tube measurements, which probably aren't really the primary issue.

I'm with fietsbob, this may not be a good way for you to go.

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