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Hermespan 06-14-14 02:37 AM

ultimate bike fitter for comfort and health!
Have you heard about BIKE DOCTOR CLINICS?

hours: 9-9
cities:Most world capitals
location: opening this year in various public transport accessible places
subscription: Membership includes worldwide service
Price: Depending on zone, $50-200 per annum membership plus $25 per visit (maxi 6 visits year, after which each visit is $50)
service: customizing seat posts, pedals, handlebars, saddle etc
loans: includes trial use of many parts and accessories
premium: certain categories (e.g. folding, recumbent) require add-on fees of 12%
bonus: every premium membership (double price) includes two coupons for a 30 minute consultation with a sports medicine MD, three physiotherapist sessions of 90 minutes, and five sports massage sessions in certain centres (India, Thailand, Peru and ten others)
No conflict of interest: No products are sold, only information and services

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