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Hermespan 07-15-14 01:59 PM

Where is the best value bike fit in the world?
Coming back to Vancouver from SEA is always price shock (it's even higher than USA). There are one or two professional bike fitters that use eight tools plus a lot of experience and even have an attached physiotherapy clinic with sports medicine specialist - but I could spend almost the price of my bike on the fancy video tests.

Example prices (not counting 14?% sales tax)...

60-90 minute fit CAD150
120 min fit on 'Guru' CAD300
'Retul' motion capture $250

Same sports physiotherapist in a suburb, Tara Lazarski offers fits for $250, followups at $150

Physio Bike Fit, North Vancouver, BC
Catalyst Kinetics, Burnaby, BC

My question is since I am travelling anyway, where are great deals on bike fitting? I see only cheap inadequete ones and top quality expensive ones. My goal is to find Enhlish-speaking countries with lower labour costs. Hey multi-national corporations do it with globalized manufacturing, so why not me with retail services? I already do it with medicine (India), 'nightlife' (Philippines), real estate shopping (Vietnam), and banking (Cambodia). Perhaps there is a Shangri-la for cyclists on a budget.

Road Fan 07-15-14 05:16 PM

I'd bet it's better in a locale with a strong road riding culture, and many bike shops per capita - Vancouver, Seattle, and Portland?

Or go to Oz and get Steve Hogg to give you some time, or Boulder to see Andy Pruitt.

fietsbob 07-16-14 08:39 AM

Less posh shops .. we just put you on the trainer stand and talk to you .. on your prospect bike .

asking how it feels .. no racing community .. here it's a summer Touring Pass through, start or ending town

Prestige has its own cost add on..

Leisesturm 07-16-14 09:21 AM

That, or, hang around here. You'll pick up tons. It isn't rocket science, no matter what the high tech boutiques would have you think.


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