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love2bikee 02-06-20 12:17 AM

Unknown frame help
Hello, Iíve had this fixed gear for a long time and never knew the brand of it. A friend left it at my house and never decided to pick it back up and that was 10 or so years ago, never got a brand name or anything, Iíve since painted it blue and sanded both stem and crank to bare metal to give it a different look, had a Shimano BB-UN51 sealed bottom bracket and I believe its original because it was really seized in there, I would love to know the brand so I can buy frame stickers and stick em on there, Iíd really appreciate any clues or if you know the brand, thanks

love2bikee 02-06-20 12:19 AM

Serial number is upside down sorry about that, let me know if you need anymore pictures

TugaDude 02-10-20 09:00 AM

I suggest putting the photos in the Classic and Vintage section with a request to help identify. Do any of the tubes exhibit any identifying characteristics such as internal grooves or "rifling"? That can help determine what the tubing is and that can sometimes help narrow down the brand. Another thing is the seat post size. What size post does this frame take? That will also narrow down the type of tubing. Sometimes it is a matter of taking all of the above into consideration and then making a "best guess" but certainly going through the process you can eliminate some possibilities immediately. Other things to note are the composition of the BB, the spoon-shaped top of the stays, the two holes on the head tube for the badge. That last item alone will eliminate many makers.

TugaDude 02-11-20 08:56 AM

BTW, since you obviously like the frame and intend to keep it, if you haven't done so already, I recommend you get some Framesaver and use it to protect the interior of the tubing. The frame is very nice, whatever it is. Take care of it and you can hand it down to your grandchildren.

JohnDThompson 02-12-20 02:45 PM

Bulge-formed lugs and bottom bracket shell and unmitered tubes (visible inside the BB shell) suggest a lower-end frame. I'd guess an Asian built entry level frame.

TugaDude 02-14-20 08:52 AM

Originally Posted by JohnDThompson (Post 21325383)
Bulge-formed lugs and bottom bracket shell and unmitered tubes (visible inside the BB shell) suggest a lower-end frame. I'd guess an Asian built entry level frame.

Glad you chimed in with your expertise John. I learned something.

fixiefix 12-30-20 06:56 PM

Hope my reply is still relevant to you. It looks a bit like my Raleigh but I suppose there's a lot of steel-framed bikes in that same style. There's a fair chance it could have had the badge removed and been repainted, perhaps after being treated for rust. It's a common occurence with these frames. Check that serial number if possible, or just assume it's a Raleigh and get a Raleigh badge anyway :) Season's greetings!

fixiefix 12-30-20 08:37 PM

Aliexpress has cheap metal headtube badges that you could stick right on. Every emblem you could think of. Bianchi, Cinelli, probably Raleigh too. Ebay may also have them

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