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theycallmeush 12-28-12 04:35 PM

Question on leader frames
Hey Y'all,
Ive been riding fixed for a few years now and all I really want is a nice Leader Frame, like a 721 or 735, but it appears that they only make them up to 58cm and I need between a 60-62cm. Someone told me there is a way to make a 58 fit a taller person by using special risers but IDK about that. Does anyone know of oversized leaders or similar frames that come in that size?


Philasteve 12-30-12 06:18 PM

I would ask this in the fixed gear single speed part of the forum, not the fgfs section.

McRussellPants 01-01-13 10:03 AM

A 58 leader is going to be pretty massive, they run big.

Put a 120 stem and a setback post and I bet it'd be fine for a 6'4 rider.

LarDasse74 01-04-13 04:01 PM

Every manufacturer sizes bikes differently. I also usually need a 62-64cm, but the last new road bike I had was called a 58 and it fit well.

This is not to say the Leader will fit you... or that it won't. You need to take measurements of an existing bike that you know fits and see if the bike you want can be made to fit the same... or test ride a built up version of your preferred bike (same size and model) and see if it is close.

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