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Tri King 12-30-12 12:15 AM

In the market for a nice FGFX
I'm new to the forum, but I'm an experienced cyclist. Im only 14, but I've been on wheels since I could walk. I actively ride BMX and I enjoy an ocassional distance ride on my road bike and ride routinely at my local mountain bike trails.

Im looking for a new bike. I have had my eye on a fixed gear for quite a while now. They just seem apealling to me for some reason... I really like the vibe or the "lifestyle". And the simplicity of the bike seems like a whole different riding experience.

Anyway, I want something under $1000. I dont really have any particular desired specificatioms other than:

- Under 30 lbs
- Sturdy enough to be dropped
- bunnyhop-ability
- can be riden in the dirt/less than ideal conditions, but will be good on the road
- mounts for a rack if i decide to use it for commuting

I know that this is non-specific criteria, but an array of suggestions to choose from is what im going for. I just need a good wuality freestyle fixie.

Thanks in advance

Tri King 12-30-12 10:38 AM


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