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Tri King 12-30-12 02:36 PM

Freestyle Fixie Build
I'm new to the forum, but I'm an experienced cyclist. Im only 15, but I've been on wheels since I could walk. I actively ride BMX and I enjoy an ocassional distance ride on my road bike.

I really want a bike that has the following specifications, if possible:

- Speed of a road bike or close to it

- Durability to the extent that I can confidently jump up and down curbs and ride on relatively rough terrain

- Under 30 lbs.

- Good looking: shouldnt be too hard. I can powdercoat the parts.

- tires that can handle dirt

My main use will be simply to get around town(Dallas) and ocassionally ride for pleasure

I have access to basically every tool imaginable and heck, if theres a tool that i dont have, im a tool myself, thas what all my friends say ;)

So i want a really cool custom build, but because of lack of experience, i dont know where to start (components, measurements, etc).

Dont assume that i have a lack of mechanical knowledge because of my age, i build stuff a lot and my dad is extremely handy and ive learned from him. (Just addressing this :)

Thank you guys for your help in advance :)

Philasteve 12-30-12 06:16 PM

You're posting in the fgfs section so do you want a fixed gear freestyle bike that's real sturdy that can take bigger tires like a 2012 charge scissor? Or something more roadish like a surly steamroller? Look them both up and let me know what's more appealing.

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