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mhiatt4 02-15-13 03:54 PM

I was just wondering what the best/strongest wheels people use for there freestyle fixies.

Any recommendations are helpful, thank you.

road2you 03-26-13 12:29 PM

H+sons. or b43 velocity's.

alexgarrett 03-29-13 03:06 AM

^whoa maybe two years ago! for tarcky wheelies and keos i guess but still
mtx33's are pretty much the go to rims for fgfs 26 or 29er. h+son todestriebs are sick, halo makes some good rims, sadio vipers... rims are pretty universal just research the best freestyle/downhill disc brake rim in your budget and size.
14mm rear hub. micro drive is the future, theres a handful of companies making good ones. no stripping cogs or lockrings is nice. rinng, machete, spike, and bombtrack's owl are the ones ive heard of being solid. unknown, and resist work but wiggle and break. you can also just get a solid regular fgfs hub with a 14mm axle like the spike, destroy, sadio, profile, all-city, even the big eighthinch hub is dope. Theres tons of options just make sure to get a 14mm rear axle if your gonna run pegs. almost all new frames have 14mm dropouts anyway.
theres a few companies with complete wheelsets like the new specialized pfix wheels, ryd meats, eighthinch beullers, bear bikes
check iminusd, bens cycle, and citygrounds.
if you have a lbs with a qbp account and a good wheelbuilder, some 14mil all-citys laced to some mtxs would be a solid wheelset and you support your local.


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