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woodcraft 03-17-13 11:10 PM

Tire life
I was watching 'Line of Sight'....

So if you're a bike messenger and ripping it up, a tire lasts what- 3 days?

road2you 03-26-13 12:57 AM


Originally Posted by woodcraft (Post 15399324)
I was watching 'Line of Sight'....

So if you're a bike messenger and ripping it up, a tire lasts what- 3 days?

maybe one of those tires from china that cost like $9 , look into thickslicks the URbaN model, you cant go wrong.
i dont know what your use is, but if you want cheep, you could use the strada-K from preformance bike.

on anoter note, do you have a link to watch the full video online?

woodcraft 04-01-13 09:14 AM

I'm Ok with brakes and gears myself, just curious.

"Line of Sight"

Philasteve 05-08-13 05:33 PM

No way dude, my tires last forever i'm 150 lbs and I have been running the same semi slick tires on my fgfs for almost 6 months and it's brake-less. They're 700x45c and will prob last a few more months.

m4rx12 05-29-13 12:25 PM

I go through a few low-end tires over the summer on each of my bikes. I found my tires lasting much longer after learning to skid ambidextrously (because you aren't always skidding the same part of the tire when you alternate). Just bought a 'skidproof' tire/tube combo (I know they are not authentically skid proof but they are more durable, apparently) and it has been treating me well for about a month..

AnthonyMcEwen 06-11-13 02:38 PM

Sorry for going off topic but I feel I need to rant...and I'm proberly gonna get a ton of *&** for saying this.

..but you wonder why us cyclist get bad rep, as cool as some of this is (asumeing its not staged) this is completely irresponsible, and what the hell are they doing with guns, I know in America you can carry guns, but I'm sure of you did that you be shot by the police, try that here in the UK and you'd be shot as soon as a armed response unit turned up.

Completely insane and disregard for the safety of human life.

I am aasumeing this isn't staeged?.

How can anyone on this forum who has a shred of human decency condone this?

I cxant imagine anyone on this fourm baring many 0.001 would be this irsposible.

And if this is staged why should we allow it to be promoted us cyclists need to be making the rest of the road users more understanding of us not trying to install fear and resentment into them!

If that guy in a yellow Jersey in that trailer hit my car is bloody well swing for him if I ever saw him again.

AnthonyMcEwen 06-11-13 02:43 PM

This is like underground illegal street raceing , it dose for us what it dose for the rest of the perfectly normal drivers, its the small mirnorty of idiots who give us a bad name.

I like the concept of the races and of it was all above bored like say some kind of bike based urban raceong / orienteering could be quite fun and turn into a major sport, but this is just wrong.

woodcraft 06-17-13 09:10 AM

Well, the guy makes films. I take the guns part as them having some fun. You don't have to look much past the end of your nose to see a bunch of images of people shooting each other so why single this out?

Now if you're talking about ripping through pedestrians with limited regard for their safety, you've got a good point.

AnthonyMcEwen 06-19-13 12:49 PM

Well the guns are bad but I'm asimeing its some were like mexico or something were you Kay get away with it.

But I'm more concerned about the way there cycling, it just gives the rest of us a bad name.

AnthonyMcEwen 06-19-13 12:51 PM

Although I take your comment and agree and understand what your saying the guns could even be part of the movie etc...

pimtb 08-04-13 06:19 PM


Originally Posted by woodcraft (Post 15454804)
I'm Ok with brakes and gears myself, just curious.

"Line of Sight"

thx for your share.

Spookypedal 12-13-13 10:09 AM

Bumping this thread cause the gun talk made me fall out of my chair from laughing. This has to be a troll

Philasteve 12-24-13 04:15 PM

I don't give a **** about who gives me a bad name. I'm me at the end of the day no one else, to each their own.

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