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xDUMBOx 04-26-13 10:35 PM

Needing help with new parts
To start this off I have a vilano edge chromoly (I know a cheap bike) but I like it and its working perfectly for me.
I am now wanting to upgrade some parts to make it a little better.
My question is this, I am having doubts on if these will fit my bike.
I ride it on fixed and the crank is coming loose, I tighten it and it still comes loose so I am needing an upgrade, I found these on Craigslist and he only want's 60 for everything so I really want to get them but not trying to get them and them not fit.
I am new to all of this and have no idea about these bikes and parts.
So I made this to ask this question and to get a little more knowledgeable about them.

Here are the parts I am wanting,

Please if you could help me with my problem I would greatly appreciate it, Thank you in advances.

xDUMBOx 04-27-13 11:23 AM

Okay so I am obviously not going to get any help with my problem.
Thanks anyways, I guess I'll just go to another forum.

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