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harlowe 07-09-13 12:20 PM

Velocity B43 Tire Size Help
I'm finishing up my first freestyle bike and I'm going to run a set of B43's I have off of one of my commuter setups until I save up for a beefy 29 or 26 (still undecided) wheelset
I was just curious what is the largest or most functional tire size I could get away with on these? I've done a bit of research and read people saying 700x35c all the way up to 29x2.1 (which I'm kind of skeptical about..) My frame can clear up to a 700x50c tire.

seely 07-09-13 02:32 PM

We (Velocity USA) generally recommend a max of a 32c tire, but given variances in tire widths from tire manufacturer to tire manufacturer you're probably fine with a 35c. I know people have successfully run wider, but getting up in the 40+ range makes me a little nervous as your tire is a bit more likely to roll off.

richpool 07-10-13 10:54 AM

Im running 700x35c Resist Nomads on my B43s they work perfectly.

harlowe 07-10-13 01:56 PM

Thank for the replies guys! I think I will go with 700x35c then!

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