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jv_guano 07-15-13 03:32 PM

please, help a novice not to mess up his new rear wheel!
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I bought this new rear wheel to be mounted on my old frame.
I have some perplexities concerning the perfect way to sort bolts and nuts. plus other questions.
The wheel is a Halo Aerowarrior, whereas one side features the proprietary FixG system (for fixed gear), meanwhile the other side has a mount for a freewheel.

as you can see in the picture, I put side by side the two sides of the wheel.
Why the FixG side (right) has that "bolt" which protrudes just that little off the lodgement for the cogs, meanwhile the freewheel side has the same "bolt" completely exposed?
What is the purpose of that "bolt"? To mount the lockring? If that is positive, it would explain my question above (as the FixG hub has a proprietary lockring too, which goes on top of the cogs on the same black lodgement)

Then again, can you come up with any idea why the FixG side has a movable, plastic milled washer, meanwhile in the freewheel side it is a one single, metal piece together with the abovementioned "bolt"?

C. just for the sake of obviousness: I am hence supposed to place the frame brackets
in the freewheel side : between the "bolt" with the milled ending and the external bolt (well, no other options really available)
in the FixG side: between the plastic milled washer and the external bolt (seems logic!)

thank you very much for your opinions!

GT4 07-15-13 09:52 PM

I believe that is to adjust the cone bearings. The hub is cup and cone right?

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