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jillfixedgear 08-19-13 04:01 AM

bunnyhop technique
Hi there,

Recently started riding fgfs and bought a bombtrack dash. I'm still figuring out the right bunnyhop technique, can't get higher than 30 cm right now. When I see people making bunnyhops on fgfs bikes their feet are most of the time horizontal when they're in the air. When I'm hopping my feet automatically keep pedalling forward when I'm of the ground.

Can someone give me some tips???


falldowngoboom 11-16-13 04:26 AM

Typically I'm almost vertical depending on how I bunny hop. After awhile I just got the hang of it. Pullback and lunge, then push when the front wheel is where you want it to be at in the air. I built most of my experience bunny hopping on bmx bike as a kid.

fietsbob 11-16-13 04:07 PM

Freewheel on the rear hub ? probably better ..;)

SpeshulEd 11-16-13 07:46 PM

If you're riding fixed, I'd say it's probably not too surprising that your foot is still rotating forward.

But yeah, I agree with fietsbob, a freewheel would let you keep your feet parallel to the ground when you're practicing the hop. Foot retention goes a long way too, though not necessary.

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