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xinai 08-19-13 09:24 AM

se draft/lager
Can the se draft or lager stand up to fgfs? If I were to change the crankset so that there was a lower gear ratio would it work? Here's the bike

Philasteve 09-21-13 09:19 PM

To answer your question simply, no. I would break either one of those frames in a week, many for really light tricks but that's it. And changing the cog on the back would be easier than changing the front chain ring. I don't see what a lower gear ratio has to do with making it work or not work for fgfs though.

rms13 09-21-13 11:15 PM

How is a hi ten steel frame going to brake in a week?

Scrodzilla 09-23-13 07:07 AM


Originally Posted by rms13 (Post 16091408)
How is a hi ten steel frame going to brake in a week?

Regardless of what they're made of, neither of those frames are designed to withstand FGFS.

Philasteve 10-16-13 07:25 PM

I could break one easily because they're not made for tricks. They also have no gussests at high stress points for doing stairs and 180s ect. Get trick specific frame that's built for doing tricks. Not a track bike. This is what happens when you do tricks on a bike that's not intended for them.

fietsbob 11-14-13 11:25 AM

PBR or Stella?

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