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aaronmcd 08-29-13 04:44 PM

trials vs bmx vs freestyle etc?
Hey, just wondering what the difference between all the different trick varieties of bikes/cycling (trials, freestyle, bmx ... ?)

I commuted for a few years on a road bike and this year started road racing. I've done unicycling, aggressive skating, gymnastics, acro etc so I really like the idea of using a bike to do "tricks" (if you want to call it that) as well.

I don't know what I want exactly, but imagining fixed gear, small enough bike that I can get off it in a pinch, maybe large or mid-sized wheels - not sure I could get used to BMX size wheels, but I imagine small would be better for handling.

Any tips on bike/resources?

fietsbob 09-08-13 05:01 PM

Trials bikes have superior brakes, Magura' s Hydraulic rim brake is a common choice ,
because many maneuvers have the wheels locked .. there are the same brake used on unicycles for the same purpose

lock the wheel a nd hop up to another location and lock the wheel again

and specialist frames eliminate the saddle entirely ..

Google away .. the scene is more European than USA.

observed trials bicycle 1st link on the search

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