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DecentlyNeat 09-18-13 09:51 AM

Fixed Gear Freestyle intro help
So as you may know Fixed Gear Freestyle is on the rise for popularity, and since in december im selling my car and moving to an extremely bicycle friendly city (Madison WI) i want to get into FGFS, now ive been steady into bmx for over 5 years now, but i want to get into FGFS as it will accommodate more to my daily bicycle ride since my bmx (which was recently stolen from my apartment in milwaukee)

now my question is, most FGFS builds seem rather expensive compared to some mild-moderate bmx builds

how can i go about doing a 'budget' build per say, i dont want to shell out a ton of money only to find out i dont like it/im not into it

-i know how to ride a fixie pretty well (many years working at a bike shop in sales/going on group rides)
-have a good bmx background

its not as simple as using some frame i get from goodwill/craigslist for dirt cheap and throwing on the proper headset/bars/stem/fork/tires and getting a new rear wheel

basically im looking to do this for as cheap as possible just to see if i like it or not, i dont know anybody with fgfs and none of my close friends are into

to sum things up i know very little about fgfs, so some guidance would be a nice start

rms13 09-18-13 05:37 PM

Buy a budget complete bike. You'll get more bang for you buck. I don't ride freestyle so I don't know as much about it but I know there are lots of options:

I recently built up a "budget" fixed/track bike and it ended up around $900 by the time I was done. All new parts but a lot of the parts were "budget" like $100 wheelset, $20 bars, $30 saddle etc

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