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RCMCKC2 01-20-14 07:53 PM

Fixie or Single gear project
Hello I currently love riding my cycling bike. I have recently became interested in building a fixie or single speed. I was able to get my hands on a older aluminum Ross road bike. I have decided to use this as my project bike.

So I am not sure if I want to keep original colors (light blue with white letters) or paint it.
Here is what I know I want for sure.
-cut and turn the handle bars to make them look like bull horns
-want regular metal pedals with thick straps
-front break with small brake handle
-nice rims (not sure what kind)
-a nicer newer seat. (weird but I would love to get a bicycle chain the same color as bike or rim and connect it to the seat and frame of the bike to ensure no one steals my seat. Not necessary but I just love the look. NY thing I guess)

So I know I am missing the main parts of the bike. I am not looking to spend to much money on my first bike (there will be others) but I do want to have half descent components. Please feel free to give your feedback on what I should be looking for to make my project bike ride smooth.

I will only be using it to ride around with my family and just to take a nice calm ride through the Metro Parks. Looking forward to all the replies.

bmontgomery87 01-21-14 12:46 PM

You're on the freestyle sub-forum.
You need to just be in the fixed gear/ singlespeed section for starters

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