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gaz 04-20-05 10:18 AM

Couple issues with my new Speed P8
Hey all,

Just looking for a little advice on my new Speed P8. I'm finding that it's sometimes very difficult to fold the handlebars - after I release the catch the mechanism simple doesn't release. I have to bounce the front wheel a couple of times or wrestle with it for a couple minutes in order to get it to release.

Second, I can't seem to fit it in the doubleplay bag... no matter which way I put it in, I cannot fully close the zipper. Ideas?


supcom 04-20-05 11:25 AM

The way to put the bike in the bag is to slide the bag over the bike so the opening is facing down. Then lay the bike on it's side and start the zippers. Once your get them most the way around, flip the bike upside down (zippers up) and you should be able to finish zipping the bag. Be sure that the webbing straps are unfastened first. The seat usually needs to be all the way down, or close to it.

gaz 04-21-05 08:15 AM

Yeah, I've tried that method - still can't get it closed. I'm a little frustrated.

Anyone have any ideas on the other problem (handlebars not folding)?

Simple Simon 04-21-05 12:50 PM

Have you tried asking on Dahon Forum - they are pretty good..

you haven't got a bag for a smaller 16" bike by mistake ?

Dahon.Steve 04-21-05 02:22 PM

You may have to remove the seat post to get the bag in if you purchased the 16' inch bag by mistake.

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