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Guest 05-07-05 10:50 AM

Where to buy inner tubes for my folding bike?
So like I've been telling people, I recently moved out to Arlington, VA. I called Performance to find out if they had inner tubes for my BF, and they said they did. So I sent my brother out there, and guess what? It turns out they don't. So I'm just sitting around here trying to find out who has these inner tubes.

I specifically need the inner tubes for touring tires. The inner tubes for racing tires (which it seems most people have) don't fit on my rims.

I'm out at Glebe Road and Jefferson Davis Highway in Arlington. Does anyone know where a store is that will sell inner tubes for the 20' wheel, but specifically, inner tubes that are for the touring tire rims?



twahl 05-07-05 11:16 AM

Try calling [email protected], they carry Bike Friday so they might have them. They are also about 2 blocks off the W&OD so getting to them would be easy. What size are those tires? They are 20" with Presta valves, right?

Guest 05-07-05 11:57 AM

They're 20", but the problem is that you can see a real difference in size between the racing tires and the touring tires. It's specifically 20 1/8" tires, but with the racing tires, it just doesn't fit.

I sent my brother out to Spokes, Etc., but I'll probably run out to [email protected] anyway. Thanks!


supcom 05-07-05 07:52 PM

Find a recumbernt dealer. Recumbents often use small size tires so you might find some there.

steveknight 05-07-05 07:54 PM

I got specialized 20x1" at my local bike shop. though it was a bit of a oddball size they had both valve types.

Guest 05-07-05 10:57 PM

Found it at Spokes, Etc.

That was lucky. My bike's in service! Yay!


Gary Mc 05-09-05 12:27 PM

For those wishing to buy tires & tubes on line, Hostel Shoppe has a wide variety of 16" (305mm and 349mm) and 20" (406mm and 451mm). I have ordered with them and find them very service oriented.



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