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Joe Remi 05-23-16 01:39 AM

Bobbin Metric
Here's something cool. Mini velo, not a folder..inexpensive and kinda retro. They have a new folder called..wait for it..Fold, too, but it looks to be a basic Dahon copy.

Bobbin Bikes

Abu Mahendra 05-23-16 02:14 AM

It's alright. Still prefer this one, though...

Joe Remi 05-23-16 03:24 AM

Abu, what is that?

Abu Mahendra 05-23-16 04:25 AM

This dog?

It is my Bannard Sunny mixte minivelo.

Joe Remi 05-23-16 09:53 AM

Ah, we don't have those in the US. I suspect it would be much pricier than the Bobbin, which would kill it here.

fietsbob 05-23-16 10:09 AM

Watch that top of the head tube sides brazing Abu, my frame wih twin top tubes failed there .

there is leverage from the front wheel that the similar joint at the top of the seat tube never sees..

I had a Irish welder repair the frame crack and add a gusset behind the head tube in the first months of a Bike tour..

the single top tube mitered directly into the back top of the had tube has a solid record of a long time durability

as would a Mixte lug where the tubes converge behind the head tube , rather than remain Parallel.

BruceMetras 05-23-16 10:51 AM

I'm building up a Soma Buenavista Mixte right now .. they are available in the US in a variety of frame sizes .. I'll be using 559 wheels and most likely a SRAM P5 IGH ..quality Butted Tange Infinity CrMo frame ...

dezzie 05-23-16 11:41 AM

Bobbins just over 400 pounds in the UK, nice bike for the price but only comes in black for now to see how many they sell and if prove popular they will come in other colours.

Joe Remi 05-23-16 01:46 PM

Is this real info from Bobbin, or just a guess about future colo(u)rs?

Abu Mahendra 05-23-16 02:06 PM

Originally Posted by Joe Remi (Post 18790111)
Ah, we don't have those in the US. I suspect it would be much pricier than the Bobbin, which would kill it here.

Yeah. These are now quite rare for Bannard has closed its doors.

dezzie 05-24-16 12:22 PM

Real info, check the facebook and instagram pages, i have asked these specific questions and got a response.

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