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LittlePixel 05-20-05 07:41 AM

Neue Titanium Brompton™
Anyone got any experience of the new Bromptons? I read a bit on the Folding Soc site about the launch in april. Just wondered if anyone had ridden one yet and had some impressions. Are they worth the Extra £££??? (FYI - just the rear triangle and boltons like forks and seatpost are Ti. Not the frame - sadly)

I just saw a normal one on my lunchbreak and thought to myself they'd be onto a winner if they did a new one that took 20" 406 wheels and a wider rear hub (Rohloff Yeah!) but still had the same trick folding geometry. That'd be a bike I saved up for.

Anyway. I'll be quiet now...

easy racer 05-22-05 12:22 AM

The chap at A to B, a folding bike publication, has written a review of the new S2L-X. This is the lightweight, 2-speed version. It uses a 2-speed derailleur, based on the set-up used on the 6-speed. The titanium bits include: forks, rear triangle, folding pedal bolt, seatpost, and mudguard stays.
It also looks very different as it is decked out with straight handlebars.

They also do a butterfly-type handlebar for their ultimate touring bike, which also sports a Son dynamo.

The new bikes however do not have better brakes, or better gears, which I think has dismayed some customers who were hoping for a high performance folding bike, myself included.

Simple Simon 05-22-05 05:20 AM

Yes ...... but, at sub 10Kg/21lbs with all the highly evolved detail and the magical neat brompton fold - arguably THE best fold ratio (ie biggest bike into smallest volume). Plus, now with flat bars it looks less 'shopper bike'. I'd prefer 2 well chosen, efficient derailier speeds, rather than 3+ from hubs gears that use up power and weigh.......... Sorry, I am drooling, yes - I'd like one, but will have to save up.

easy racer 05-22-05 11:44 PM

I must admit, I would like all the nice shiny titanium bits. Though, only to put on my extremely modified Brompton!

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