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oboeguy 06-16-05 11:26 AM

Odd, I searched for "fender" and "fenders", finding no threads with either in the title. Anyhow, I'd love to hear recommendations on fenders for my new Speed Pro. I don't mind riding in the rain, but I also don't want legs and rear sprayed with NYC Road Crud (TM). I was once in a LBS where a salesman was trying to sell me some fenders for my road bike which he claimed were of the clip on sort but had full coverage (and looked like "permanent" fenders too). Is there anything like this for folders? I don't want to have fenders on all the time, so I'd like to be able to put them on quickly in the morning before work if it looks like rain. Thanks in advance.

farrellcollie 06-16-05 01:01 PM has some clip on fenders listed on their Dahon accessory page. The blurb says you can put them on and take them off without tools.

oboeguy 06-16-05 01:08 PM

Yeah I've seen those. The rear one requires a rack, which I don't have and don't plan to add.

James H Haury 06-16-05 03:50 PM

check the Gaerlan site i believe there are alternatives.

brakemeister 06-16-05 07:16 PM

extradry for the read and mudmax for the front
work real well and dont cost a fortune


oboeguy 06-16-05 07:34 PM

Hehe, I guess I'll have to think about putting those on the order with the tubes, eh? Why did I not notice them when I was looking for tubes? Go figure.

brakemeister 06-16-05 09:36 PM

heheh no problem

tubes went out today . you should have them in no time

just add the fenders to the next order ... :-)

Thanks for the order

oboeguy 06-17-05 05:53 AM

I spent way too much time cleaning my bike yesterday after riding home in the rain sans fenders. Do full coverage fenders protect the frame and components more from the rain? (never had 'em for any bike).

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