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City Guy 11-11-18 09:04 AM

Dahon D8 - Quick Release Axel?

Bought a Dahon Mariner D8 a while ago, had my first flat tire. I was prepared with a 15mm wrench for removing the axel nuts to remove wheel, and everything went OK to change tube.

Was thinking is there any reason why I could not equip the D8 with quick release axels on font and rear. Anyone know where I could purchase these ??? What size and diameter? Anybody done this?

Thanks in advance

rhenning 11-11-18 05:53 PM

There is no reason you can not make it a quick realse if you have some mechanicsl skills. Take the rear hub apart and measure the diameter, length and threading you will need. Go start searching at your bike shop or on the internet. The bike shop might have a used hub with all the parts you will need to do it. Roger

tudorowen1 11-12-18 07:02 AM

The front axle may be smaller than the standard 100mm..I think it may be 74mm or something close to that size..If you cannot buy the quick release from a Dahon or Tern dealer then you might try Bike Friday because the Tikit folder used that size quick release and axle size..

splithub 11-12-18 08:03 AM

Shimano makes a 74mm front generator hub (capreo), with a quick release axle. The Skewer must be widely available....

City Guy 11-13-18 07:31 AM

Hi all,

Thank you for th ideas. I'll report back my experience.

L Arnold 11-22-18 01:38 PM

I have swapped QR hubed wheels on to the front of the Vitesse I7 which is the same as the Mariner D8. It works. My expeirence was that the skewer of the wheel sticks out a bit further than I would like and the gap on the dropout of the front fork is a bit bigger than I would like. I will likely swap it back. Alternatively I could shorten the skewer (or put a little nut over it), then rebuild the wheel on the back end of the bike (nexus hub) to match the upgraded wheel in the front.

It would be easiest to get a full wheel as you will need to rebuild your wheel anyway and, at least from Dahon, if you get a QR equipped wheel you also get a double walled rim. Double wall rims are important. Skewer length will likely be a slight issue on both ends.

Personally I think there are certain advantages to the nutted axles -- mainly a bit of strength and some security. Issues here focus on the the quality of the hub and the wheel attached.

Rebuilding a few wheels now. This will likely encourage me to do a few more.

City Guy 11-22-18 06:27 PM

Hi Landis,

Thanks for the info, much appreciated. After considering the options, I may just stay with axel nuts.

L Arnold 11-25-18 10:27 PM

Originally Posted by City Guy (Post 20674213)
Hi Landis,

Thanks for the info, much appreciated. After considering the options, I may just stay with axel nuts.

I actually also have a fast city bike with nutted axles - I even electrified it. The whole MTB world is going with solid axles. Not so bad an approach.
Have fun riding!

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